b'82578575575 581 583A pair of Florentine pedestals, turned An antique English sewing table, burrAn English burr walnut wotnotand ebonised wood with gildedwalnut with string inlay, 19th century, with serpentine front, circa 1870,highlights, 19th century, 72cm high, 56cm wide, 41cm deep 114cm high, 58cm wide, 38cm deep127cm high (2) $450550$400600$500700582 584576 A Victorian ladies davenport, A Victorian oval loo table, burr walnut, A Florentine chest of drawers, burr walnut, circa 1875, circa 1880,early to mid 20th century, 79cm high, 57cm wide, 58cm deep 76cm high, 149cm wide, 108cm deep77cm high, 101cm wide, 42cm deep $500700$300500 $400600577A Florentine chest of drawers,early to mid 20th century,77cm high, 101cm wide, 42cm deep$400600 578A pair of Florentine candle stands, ebonised and carved wood with gilded highlights, 20th century,99cm high (2)$400600579A French provincial hall stand,walnut and brass, 19th century,Bordeaux label verso,104cm high, 111cm wide, 33cm deep$600800 580A nest of three Florentine coffee tables, mid 20th century,the largest 59cm high, 51cm wide, 34cm deep (3)$80120576'