b'129951MYER Department store figural shop display light, circa 1980,84cm high$120200 MILITARY952934 943 A pair of Napoleonic style chalkBunyip Rabbit trap, mouse trap,A vintage tricycle, metal frameware statues with hand painted finish,flower press, tie last, tools, turn table,with remains of original red paint,late 19th/early 20th century,postcards, photographs, ephemera andearly 20th century, 98cm high (2)horse photographs, 57cm high $45055019th and 20th century, (35+ items), $100200 the rabbit trap 29cm long 953$60100944 Silver plated hip flask and box together An antique turned timber spinning wheel,with trench art aluminium box belonging 935 19th century, to Captain F. R. Vincent (VX57546) AIF,FISHING REELS and accessories, 84cm high late 19th and 20th century, he hip flask 14cm high (3)a large quantity, 20th century, t$120200$120200 $120200 936 945 954A portable collectors cabinet, Four antique and vintage hat boxesAn antique Scottish busby military hat, timber with glass interior, 20th century, including, AKUBRA, BUCKLEY &late 19th century,44cm across NUNN, DOBBS, and HENRY HEATH Co.30cm high$20030019th and 20th century, $400600the Akubra box 31cm high (4)937 $100200955Three boxed sets of dominos includingA WWI period expanding telescope by fine English yew wood and beech946 Dollond of London in leather pouch,example, 20th century, (3) Wooden trunk, three woodenstamped Signalling No. 14576,$120200boxes and a pair of shoe lasts,83cm long extended19th and 20th century, $250350938 the trunk 28cm high, 62cm wide, An antique copper pot with iron handle,36cm deep19th century, $8012095643cm across the handle A brass aeroplane ornament on timber $150250947 stand, circa 1940,Set of 14 Czechoslovakian Art Deco22cm wing span939 porcelain kitchen canisters, circa 1930, $150250 A vintage tricycle with red and bluethe tallest 21cm high (14)painted finish, mid 20th century, $15025095772cm high A brass and leather bound telescope in $80120948 original leather case, early 20th century,KREISLER burgundy cased mantel26.5cm expands to 80.5cm long940 radio and a General Electric clock radio,$200300An antique pocket barometer mid 20th century,by Arnold Ryde, 19th century, the Kreisler 41cm wide (2)6.5cm high $80120 $180220 941 949Two vintage Ericophon Collection of assorted vintage Cobra phones, cream and antique chess pieces, carved boneplastic, circa 1960,and wood, 19th and 20th century, 21cm high (2)$120200$60100 942 950Two auto badges, powder compact,OLIVETTI Summa Prima 20 jewellery box, brush and five assortedvintage adding machine with pens and pencils, 19th and 20th century, rolls, designed by Marcello Nizzoli, (10) made in Italy, circa 1960, 957$8012034cm deep$600100 '