b'25147 150 151148 149146 149 152A crucifix, ebonized timber and carvedKPM Berlin porcelain plaque of MadonnaA French architectural crucifix,ivory, 19th century, and child, 19th century, cast iron, 19th century,59cm high 10 x 6cm 176cm high$600800 $200300 $600800 147 150 153Parascheva of the Balkans, orthodox icon,KPM Berlin porcelain plaque of MadonnaA French crucifix, cast iron,gesso on wood, 19th century, and child in original carved and gilded19th century,43 x 31cm frame, 19th century, 122cm high$600800 the plaque 18 x 13cm $500700 $400600148 154KPM Berlin porcelain plaque in original151 Christ crucifixion figure, polychrome carved timber frame with gildedKPM Berlin porcelain font in enamelcarved wood, 20th century,highlights, 19th century, frame, 19th century, 88cm highthe plaque 15cm diameter 28cm high $200300 $300500 $250350'