b'92637 640A pair of bronze garden lions,An American revolving piano stool, 19th/20th century, carved walnut with iron claw feet 48cm high (2) clutching glass pads, circa 1895,$1,0001,500 45cm high$200400 638A Coalbrookdale style garden table and641three chairs, white painted cast iron,A circular two tier side table,19th century, ornate cast metal, circa 1900,the table 66cm high, 53cm diameter (4) 45cm high, 42cm diameter$400600$100200 639 642A garden urn, reconstituted stone,A coin collectors cabinet fittedearly 20th century, with 20 drawers, 19th century,54cm high, 50cm diameter 30cm high, 26cm wide, 30cm deep$200400$250350642637'