b'136998 1004MONOPOLE Cigar advertising ashtray,CIGAR CUTTERS, group of 21 WILLIAM BERNARD brass matchboxvintage and antique examples, stand, antique leather pocket cigar case,19th and 20th century,burl timber cigarette box with silverthe largest 8cm highelephant top, and two antique bronze$150250 novelty ashtrays, 19th and 20th century,the box 18cm across (6) 1005$60100CIGAR CUTTERS, group of nine with metal, stone and horn handles, 999 19th and 20th century,Nine antique and vintage match holdersthe largest 19cm long (9)including DUBONNET Grand Prix 1900$250350 Vin Au Quinquina, SEDNA and others, 19th and 20th century, 1006Dubonnet 10cm across the base (9)$150250CIGAR HOLDERS in cases, amber, meerschaum, sterling silver and gold, 19th century,1000 the largest 13cm long (9)Silver plated table cigar lighter $150250 and four table vesta strikers,19th and early 20th century, 1007the tallest 9cm high (5)$120200VESTAS and MATCH HOLDERS including 925 silver PUNCH, niello silver, silver plate, novelty boot, Haig Whisky 1001 advertising, Queen Victoria and King Two brass table cigar cutters, Edward VII commemorative and tin of 1002 a table cigar lighter and a cigarette case,BELLS No.4 wax vestas with contents, early 20th century, 19th and 20th century,the tallest 16.5cm high (4) Punch example 6cm high (11)$80120$120200 996Two folding timber cigarette cases,1002rosewood and burl yew, Antique toothpick and cigar pricker, END OF SALElate 19th early 20th century, both stamped 9ct gold, 19th century,15.5cm and 13cm across (2) 7cm long, 13.5 grams total (2)$120200 $150250997 1003Bakelite cigar case, cigar box, CIGAR CUTTERS and PRICKERS three cigarette boxes and an ashtray,including silver handles and novelty circa 1920s, examples, 19th and 20th century,cigar box 20cm across (6) the largest 8cm high, (23 items)$100200$250350 996'