b'109CLOCKS & TIMEPIECES733 738An Arts and Crafts mantel clock, EnglishA French carriage clock, brass case oak case with brass numerals, time andwith Roman numerals, 19th century,strike movement, circa 1910, 14cm high84cm high $200400$150250 739734 A French carriage clock, time A German chinoiserie table clock timeand strike, brass case with Arabic piece, 19th century, numerals, late 19th century,24cm high18cm high$600800$300500735 740SAMUEL MARTI French mantelAn antique glass dome clock in walnut case, time and strike,on ebonized timber base, 19th century, 19th century, 73530cm high 65cm high$400600 $300500 736 741BRADLEY & HUBBARD American JohnAn antique glass dome on Bull novelty mantel clock with movingebonized timber base, eyes, painted cast iron, circa 1850s, 19th century,43cm high 64.5cm high$600800 $300500 737WW1 GALLIPOLI INTEREST. An English bracket clock, quarter hour chime and strike in fine timber case.Silver plaque reads In Remembrance Of Stg. W.J. MORRICE Killed At Gallipoli April 26th 1915,47cm high$600800737738 739736'