b'46302 299299 300 301A Mary Gregory ruby glass mantel vase,A French hand-painted romantic sceneTwo pairs of antique brass candlesticks 19th century, panel, surrounded with mother of pearltogether with a LIPTONS souvenir tea 38cm high tiles, mid 19th century, caddy from the British Empire Exhibition $150250 framed and mounted 21 x 37cm overall 1925, (5 items),$250350the tallest 26cm high (5)$100200 302A Barge Ware pottery teapot with applied cartouche plaque Mrs H. Bradley, Powick, Worcester, 1886,28cm high$200300303An English aneroid banjo barometerin oak case, 19th century,96cm high$300500 304A pair of French ornamental ewers, champleve enamel and gilded bronze, 19th century,52cm high (2)$500750305A pair of French ormolu five branch candelabra, 19th century,52cm high (2)$600800306A pair of Italian mantel ornaments, gilded brass and rhinestone, late 19th century,62cm high (2)$400600304'