b'1352A pair of silver overlay bottles, 19th century,13cm high (2)$250350 53A Victorian biscuit barrel, silver plateand tortoiseshell, 19th century,18cm high 56$250350 54 57 60An English sterling silver fruit bowl byAn English sterling silver playing cardAn Austro-Hungarian silver dish The Barnards of London, circa 1844, box, early 20th century, embossed with irises and with scrolled 30cm diameter, 650 grams marks (illegible),branch handle and three balled feet, $60080018cm across circa 1900,$45055029cm diameter, 515 grams.55 $500750 An antique pierced silver bowl with58cherub decoration, 19th century, A Sheffield plated wine jug, 19th century, 61marks illegible, 31cm high A Elizabeth II sterling silver pierced27.5cm across, 460 grams $350450bowl by Royal Irish Silver Co.,$300500Sheffield, circa 1973,59 14.5cm diameter, 95 grams.56 A pair of sterling silver pierced embossed$100150 Three sterling silver cigarette boxes, circular dishes decorated with putti,early to mid 20th century, by William Henry Leather of Birmingham,62the largest 18cm across (3) circa 1876. An Egyptian silver circular dish$600800 11.5cm diameter, 80 grams total. with scrolling rim, 20th century,$20030024cm diameter, 370 grams.$150250 63A German silver circular fluted bowl, 20th century,26cm diameter, 360 grams.$150250 64A George V sterling silver oval pierced bowl, by John Round & Sons, Ltd., Sheffield, circa 1911,35 x 25cm, 550 grams.$300400 65A George V sterling silver pierced fluted bowl raised on three scroll legs, by Snyder & Beddoes, Birmingham, circa 1928,5cm high, 10cm diameter, 55 grams.$100150 47'