b'122860HUBLEY American cast iron Boston Terrier money box, 19th century,25cm high$200300861An antique rocking horse with painted finish, early 20th century,94cm high$8001,200862864 A book press, painted cast iron, 19th century,38cm high$250350863Three Pith helmets, 19th and 20th century, (3)$120200 864Antique top hat in original leather case together with two bowler hats, one in original leather case, 19th century, (5)$200400865Two top hats in a vellum fitted hat case, early 20th century, (3)$250350 860 866A Scottish beaver skin top hat byJ. DAW of Exeter in original leather hatbox, 19th century$150250 867A pair of antique wax model dioramas in original glass domes, early 19th century,22cm overall (2)$150250 868A pair of two branch piano sconces,cast brass, 19th century,27cm deep (2)$100200 861'