b'42272267 269 271THOMAS BISHOP (1758-1840)A miniature profile portrait of theThree antique hand painted miniatures[attributed], Georgian portrait of an officerReverend William Wears of Lerwick,in brass frames, circa 1800,82nd Regiment, early 19th century Sunderland and Virginia, USA, earlypresumably mother, father and daughter,8 x 7cm 19th century, the largest 8cm x 6.5cm overall (3)$250350 19cm x 17cm overall $600800 $250350 268 272Antique miniature portrait of a gentleman270 OZIAS HUMPHRY (1742-1810)in rose gold frame, 19th century, A miniature portrait of a lady in profile,King George III triptych7.5 x 6cm wife of Reverend William Wears,$300500 early 19th century, The central panel showing George III and 13cm x 11cm overall The Prince of Wales reviewing the troops,$200300circa 1797 (after William Beechey). Portraits of Queen Charlotte and a seated King George III (after ZOFFANY, circa 1771) adorn each side.hand-painted on ivory panels,signed lower right in the centre panel,original carved bone, mother of pearl and ivory frame,41 x 63cm overall$3,0005,000273A Regency period miniature portraitof a gentleman, circa 1820,12 x 10cm overall$200300267 268'