b'97487487P ESSAY: 1899-1900 4d Russell Falls photographic essay in sepia, mounted on card (89x114mm)endorsed May 24th 99. at upper-right & Dupl. at lower-left. Ex De La Rue Archives.[The original pen and ink drawing was damaged and the subsequent retouching can be seen around RUSSELL on this essay prepared from that drawing. Two examples were prepared, one submitted to the Crown Agents for their approval, and this example for the DLR Archives.] $2,0002,500Ex 488493488S * 1899-1900 (SG.229s-236s) Wmk TAS d to 6d Pictorials overprinted Specimen,most values MVLH (4d a little heavier) with large-part o.g., Cat 550. .$300500489** * 1899-1900 (SG.230) 1d bright lake, De La Rue Printing marginal strip of 12 (2x6) from left of pane,showing Plate No 3 in red in lower-left corner, mounted at top only, lower ten units MUH. $160200490* O 1902-04 (SG.240) Electro Printing: 1d pale red selection comprising mint blocks of 4 (3) with P.12 Upright Wmk & Sideways Wmk and P.11 Upright Wmk, mint P.12 pair on Unsurfaced Paper (stated to be only recorded example), also used single with early date (OC8/1902) plus a used P.12 pair in the rose-red shade. (15 stamps). $200300491* O 1902-04 (SG.240) Electrotyped Printing: 1d red Electros 3 & 4 selection with P.11 Wmk (Upright Inverted) block of 4 mint & P12 block of 4 used, P.12 Wmk Vertical & Reversed pair used, plus P12 & P11 singles on redirected postcard fragment (P.11 stamp may not belong) and a P12 single with an early date. .$100150'