b'27CofA Watermark156** * 6d Chestnut Ash (N over N) Imprint block of 4 with variety White hairline from value circle to map [3L54], lightly mounted in upper gutter, stamps MUH, BW: 23z - Cat. $550+. .$240280157157* 9d Violet Die IIB Plate 3 (First State) Ash imprint a strip of 6, with variety Vertical white scratch over second N of NINE [3L59], mild even toned gum, full perfs, MLH, BW: 29(3)z - Cat. $650 (as an imprint block of 4) $300400158**2/- Maroon Die II, vertical strip of 3 with varieties White flaw in Gulf of Carpentaria retouched [L39], Flaw on S of AUSTRALIA L45] and No top to 2nd A of AUST [L51]. Very fresh MUH. $150200159159C 5/- Grey & Yellow used in combination with 1/6 Hermes + 4d Koala on June 1938 quadruple-rate airmail cover from Melbourne to Germany; the adhesives tied by LATE FEE cdss. $250300160O 10/- Grey & Pink, fine used, BW:50 - Cat. $200. $120140161S* 10/- Grey & Pink, overprinted SPECIMEN (Type C) with additional variety battered N in overprint(identified as Sub-type 6 at page 2/15 in BW); mounted Mint; 2 toned perfs at top. An extremely rare variant. BW: $850+ (not priced with this variant). The only example we have offered. $400500King George V HeadsCollections162** * (*) Mostly mint blocks of 4 selection with Single Wmk 1d Violet with varieties White Spot in SE corner & Run N [VIII/54 & 60], 1d Green block of 4 with three listed flaws (gum toning), 3d Blue Die I (no gum) block, 4d Violet block (lower units MUH); LMult 1d Green lower units Out of register; No Wmk 1d Green (strip of 3) with variety Dot before right 1 [VI/21], SMult Wmk P14 (block of 6) INVERTED WATERMARK MUH, (Cat. $450+); SMult Wmk P13x12 2d Red-Brown Die II marginal block (3 units MUH), 5d on 4d (faded) with overprint variety Narrow last E in PENCE (toned gum, MUH); CofA 1d Green with two listed flaws, 3d Blue Marginal blocks (2, one toned, stamps MUH), 4d Olive upper units varieties White flaw in left wattles & Vertical scratch over left wattles [3L1-2] MUH, plus d orange opt OS marginal block of 8 MUH; few condition issues, generally fine. (14 items)$400600'