b'112Ex 620620** 1952-1978 collection in KA-BE Hingeless album; includes all five Castle printings, a range of phosphor-graphites, ordinary and phosphor commemorative sets, etc. Extensive, but not complete. Superb condition and an ideal project. (100s). Cat.1800. .$8001,200621O 1952-99 used collection with pre-decimal Wildings graphite line & phosphor issues with watermark variants, pre-decimal commemoratives with phosphor banded issues, Castles to 1; decimals with range of Machins plus plenty of complete 1970s-80s commemorative sets; mostly fine. (100s) .$150250622C FDCs: 1937-2000 ex-dealers array in album with a few KGVI/QEII Wilding mostly plain FDCs plus illustrated 1964 (July 1) 2d Wilding Type II Wmk S/W (unaddressed), range of early/mid 1960s commemoratives illustrated types previously priced up to $70, 1970s-2000s with Machin and commemorative types and a few stamp packs; 1950s-60s era with mostly typed or handwritten addresses, thereafter mostly typed or unaddressed. (110+ items) .$160220623 624 625 626 627 628623O 1840 (SG.2) 1d Black Plate 1B [BC], mostly large margins (close at lower right),cleanly-struck Maltese Cross cancel in black, Cat 375. .$250300624O 1840 (SG.2) 1d Black Plate 2 [AJ], complete margins (large at top),tidy Maltese Cross cancel in red, Cat 375. .$250300625O 1840 (SG.2) 1d Black Plate 3 [OE], four balanced margins,neatly-struck Maltese Cross cancel in orange-red, Cat 500. Very attractive example. .$350450626O 1840 (SG.2) 1d Black Plate 5 [EJ], complete margins (close at lower-right) with fragment of adjoining stamp evident at base, part-strike of Maltese Cross cancel in black, Cat 375$250350627O 1840 (SG.2) 1d Black Plate 5 [BK], complete margins (tight at base),tidy Maltese Cross cancel in red, Cat 375.$250350628O 1840 (SG.2) 1d Black Plate 6 [IL], complete margins, watery Maltese Cross cancel in red, Cat 375.$250350629629* ** 1936 (SG.458-59) KEVIII 1d & 1d blocks of 8 (4x2) with C/OF/A perfins laid out in mirrored pairs, believed to have been prepared for the Australian Contingent planning to attend the Coronation of King Edward VIII subsequently abandoned following the Kings abdication on 11th December 1936, with a Coronation of King George KGV1 proceeding on the original scheduled date of 12 May 1937; fine mint hinged, with six units in each block MUH. Possibly unique. .$1,0001,500'