b'1359Mostly modern lightly-circulated array with lots of Australia commemorative 50c types, several $1 & $2 coins, world minors plus a few earlier incl. British West Africa 1941 silver 3d, Canada 1910 silver 25c; also box of unsorted coins an album of also mostly circulated BANKNOTES with emissions from Cyprus (1982 1), Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. (100s) $10020060Wooden Coin Cabinet with 10 shallow drawers and deeper drawer at base, usually with 10 to 12 items per drawer with a representative array of world coins, the deeper drawer at base with probably the best contents including 6 Roman coins (one an early forgery) including silver Denarius of Faustina and a Follis of Maxentius; also Austria 1780 Maria Theresa silver thaler, GB 1887 Crown, WWI brass Lusitania medal, plus a few other medallions, plus Thai porcelain gaming tokens (2), and some banknotes; condition is quite variable. (approx 150 items) .$30050061World Assembly with some silver items with France 1812 5fr, 1836 5fr 1868 5fr, 1965 10fr plus 1799, 1822, 1823 silver Jetons, also Austro-Hungarian (1780) Maria Theresa thaler, Panama 1947 1 Balboa, Romania 1875 2l, 1941 500l, 1944 500l (2) & 1946 100,000l, South Africa 1948 5/-; also France Louis XIV brass token, China Qing Dynasty Emperors set of 12 souvenir tokens, reproduction of Judea Shekel of Bar Kokhba silver tetradrachm, and a few minor ancients. (65 items).$25035062World assortment with Australia 1984 uncirculated 1c to $1 coin set, plus additional uncirculated $1, 1994 uncirculated $5, 1988 Bicentennial Medallion for School Students, and a quantity of circulated 1c & 2c coins; GB 1981 Charles & Di Royal Wedding medallions (2) Unc; Hong Kong 1997 1c to $10 uncirculated coin set; New Zealand 1980 1c to (silver) $1 proof coin set Unc, plus 1969 Tarapex Stamp Show medallion; Singapore 1999 1c to $5 uncirculated coin set and 2015 Building Our Nation uncirculated $2 proof-like coin. (qty) $10020063World array of unsorted circulated world coins, mostly 1920s-60s era (few earlier); also Australia 1964 pennies (70+) and quantity of 1c & 2c Coins. (100s).$507064World assortment of mostly 1930s-60s era circulated coins (some earlier), noting silver Australia 1937-38 Crowns (4), New Zealand 1930s-40 Half-Crowns (4) & Florins (6), USA 1923 Liberty dollar, Germany 1925 1Rm & 1926 2Rm, plus some other low denomination silver; also sighted GB King George III gaming token, medallions, and few banknotes incl. NZ Hanna 10/- (heavily crumpled). Diverse array, worth investigating.$10020065World medley with Australia circulated 1911-64 Penny collection missing key dates;also mostly 20th century world collection in album with a little low denomination silver, plus loose coins in small box noting some British Africa emissions. (200+) .$15020066World mixture of mostly low denomination circulated alloy coins, France/French Community well represented, mostly 20th century, few earlier$8012067PROOF COIN SETS: comprising 1975 & 1976 sets from both Papua New Guinea and Cook Islands, 1975 Cook Island set without cardboard sleeve, Retail $270. (4) .$16020068Chinese Dynasty coin collection comprising Cash currency coins issued between the Qin (207-221 BCE)and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties. Well presented in the original presentation box. (20 coins) .$1002006969AUSTRIA: 1896-1996 Olympics Centenary three-coin presentation set comprising 22k gold 1000sch coin weight 16.97g, plus two sterling silver 200sch coins, each weighing 33.63gr, in original presentation case (some damage); Unc. $1,0001,200'