b'113630** POSTAGE: 1970s-90s commemorative array in two binders including 1970s traffic-light gutter blocks and 1990s issues marginal Traffic light large blocks, few booklets, MUH, total face value 930+.$8001,000631** POSTAGE: 1970s-90s issues in two binders with 1970-80s Machins including Regionals with multiples to 1 & 2 blocks of 4, the bulk of face value however is in 1980s-90s commemoratives with many large marginal multiples, some with traffic-light imprints; total face value 930+. $8001,000632** POSTAGE: 1970s-80s commemorative array in binder including many traffic-light or imprint multiples, MUH, total face value 1100+. $9001,200Greece633** * O C 1860s-1980s ex-dealers stock mint & used in ring-binder, predominantly low budget material with 1860s-1880s imperf Hermes Heads, plenty of 1940s-80s commemoratives set */** and/or used, and a little back-of-book material; duplication throughout, condition variable. (2500 approx)$180240Hong Kong634* O 1860s-1970s ex-dealers mostly used stock on Hagners in display book, with QV to 30c incl. No Wmk 18c lilac, Crown CC 10c mauve AC/&Co perfin, Crown CA 1884 10c green & 1900 2c dull green marginal pair both mint, KEVII to Crown/CA $1, KGVI to $5 used incl. 1941 Centenary set (plus mint $1), and mint 1938 $2 red-orange & green, QEII Definitives to $50; also some Macau, Manchukuo & Taiwan; duplication throughout, condition variable. (many 100s).$160220Israel635** * 0 C INTERIM PERIOD: An album containing a specialized collection of the NAHARIYA LOCAL POST issues of 25th April and 16th May 1948, comprising singles, pairs, sheetlets, examples on cover (mostly per favour), etc. Hard to find in quantity.$7501,000639Ex 636636** * 0 1948-78 Schaubek Hingeless album which contains 1950 Independence Day (short tabs) FU, and a few other stamps; a 1948 - 1980 Habul Hingeless album with First Coins high values MUH (no tabs), 1948 New Year set MLH (full tabs), 1949 Tabul M/Sheet MUH, 1949 Petah Tikva L+R full tab singles MUH/MLH, 1950 UPU full tabs MUH, 1950 Airmails (short tabs) MLH, 1950 Camel full tabs MUH, 1952 Menorah full tabs MLH, 1953 Jaffa Airmail with tab MLH, 1957-59 No wmk Tribes MUH, 1963 Halbanon sheet MUH, and good range of later issues incl. tete-beche sheets, defins and commems, etc. (100s). .$500750637** 0 * 1948 - 1985 collection in 2 albums. Noted 15m - 50m First Coins FU with tabs, First Coins High Values CTO (no tabs), issues with tabs from 1954 mainly MUH & FU, (100s). .$200300638C FIRST DAY COVER collection, 1948 - 1985 in three large albums; (100s). $200300Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika639S* EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA PROTECTORATES: 1903-4 (SG.16s) 50r grey & red-brown Edward VII high value definitive overprinted SPECIMEN, fine and fresh with o.g. Cat.450. .$300400'