b'106570** * BRITISH COMMONWEALTH: O to R and T to Z ex-dealers 1920s-1980s mint stock of mostly single stamps, part/short sets and complete sets on Hagners in two display books, with Pakistan, Pitcairns with 1940 KGVI Pictorial set, Penrhyn Is, Qatar with 1961 set of 11 & 1972 Khalifa sets (both MUH), Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Tokelau, Tonga with 1970s, foils & shapes, Tristan Da Cunha with QEII 1954 2/6d & 5/-, 1960 Marine Life MLH (2 sets, Cat 150), and 1963 Resettlement (2 sets, one set MUH), Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu & Zambia; some duplication, mostly fine. (750+) $260320571** * (*) BRITISH COMMONWEALTH: S Countries 1870s-1980s mint stock of mostly single stamps, part/short sets and complete sets on Hagners in a display book with selections from St Kitts, St Helena with QV Surcharges mint/unused, St Lucia, Samoa, Seychelles with KGVI 1938-49 to 5r incl. 20c blue, 25c brown-ochre & 30c carmine mint, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Solomons, Sri Lanka/Ceylon, Sudan, South Arabian Federation (mostly Aden) with 1937 Dhows to 1r and KGVI 1939 to 2r & 10r, Swaziland with 1976 Birds in corner block of 4 (MUH); condition variable, mostly fine. (1500 approx) .$300400572** * 0 NEW ZEALAND & PACIFIC ISLANDS: Suitcase containing various albums including AITUTAKI, TOKELAU, PITCAIRN ISLAND (incl. 1949 Silver Wedding, UPU, FFH, ITU, Red X, ICY, Birds, Churchill, etc. to 1980), NEW ZEALAND (incl. 1925-26 Dunedin M., 1935 Silver Wedding M., 1940 Centennial set MUH, etc to 1967 and another album 1967-80 ), FIJI, SAMOA, etc. $400600573O FOREIGN A to Z: ex-dealers 1850s-1980s used stock on Hagners in six display books, mostly single stamps (few sets noted), the vast majority priced at less than $1 with a smattering of stamps prices up to $100 (Belgium imperf 20c); better stamps (including imperfs) to be found in Denmark, France & French Community, Netherlands, Norway & Switzerland, plus useful Egypt & Ireland; 19th century material in rather mixed condition, otherwise mostly fine. Huge range of material offered and very little duplication. (many 1000s). $5001,000574** * (*) FOREIGN A to Z: ex-dealers 1860s-1980s mint stock on Hagners in four display books, mostly single stamps, with some short sets & sets noted and M/Ss, the vast majority priced at less than $5, but with some items priced up to $60; better selections from Egypt & UAR, France & French Community, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands with multiples, Qatar, Spain & Colonies, Switzerland & Syria; condition mostly fine, with little duplication. Suit Fairs or Ebay trader. $5001,000575** S 0 PACIFIC ISLANDS & AUSTRALIAN DEPENDENCIES: Ex-dealers range on stockcards including Cocos (Keeling) Is. 1963 pictorials (2 sets), Birds (3 sets), Ships (24 sets); Nauru 1954 set, 1966 set, 1968 Republic Opts (11 sets); Norfolk Island 2/8 Local Govt (4), 1d - 10/- Pictorials (4 sets), Ships (2 sets), Birds (1 set); Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Fiji, Samoa, Gilbert Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu & Niue. Mainly MUH. (qty). $500750576* O World in six albums or album binders, mostly 1900s-50s Europe used with a few pickings incl. Denmarks blocks of 4, also some better British Commonwealth including mint New Guinea Undated Birds Airs 2/- & 5/- blocks of 4 (gum creases), New Zealand 15/- Arms (used), omnibus issues with 1937 Coronation, 1946 Peace & 1953 Coronation issues mint; condition variable. (many 100s) $150300577** * O World Array with large quantity (many 1000s) of mostly 1950-80s issues on & off paper; also modest British Asia collection, mint 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee omnibus issues in album, mint Vatican in stockbook, plus a few 1970s auction catalogues etc. (1000s)$80120578* O C World Assortment with British Commonwealth patchy collection of 19th century issues in album,world collections in binders, Australia with Roos & KGV Heads and a few Colonial issues;also stamp in envelopes & covers. (many 100s) $80120579* O World Collection mostly used on over 300 Hagners in 8 albums with slipcases, incl. Australia with Roos incl. CofA 1 grey (wrinkles), KGV Heads and mint 1970-80s decimals to $4 (pair) & $5, Bermuda KGVI 12/6d Keyplate (non-postal cancel), GB with few QV surface printed KGV Seahorses to 10/-, Ireland 2/6d Seahorse mint, North Borneo 1948 $10 Wedding mint, also British Africa & Asia, China, Europe, Israel & PNG, etc; mixed condition, so inspection advised. .$300500580** * O World Collection mostly used with Australia incl. Roos to CofA 5/-, KGV Heads to 5d, KGV commemoratives to 1/-, BCOF to 2/-, plus some Australian States. Bulk of value however is likely to be in 1980s-2000s mint issues with Australian face value $200+, USA (incl. stamp packs and sheetlets) face value US$300+ with values to $14, plus $15 Duck Stamps (6); other mint representations from Cook Is, New Zealand & Singapore; some mint issues with perf faults, otherwise generally fine. $360500581O * World Collection mostly used in huge Harris Citation album, well-filled in places, especially European countries with better representations from Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia & Switzerland; also European colonies/community, Latin America, China, India, Israel, Japan & USA; pickings throughout (1000s)$200400582* O C World Collection mint and used with Australia with imprint blocks incl.1932 6d Kooka, KGVI 3d Blue Die I imprint block of 4 (perf separations), also mint New Zealand 1940 Centennial set, Norfolk Island 1953 Bloody Bridge set, British Commonwealth 1946 Victory Omnibus; also philatelic covers incl. Australia 1948 Mitchell PMGs Dept FDC, AAT 1959 set on Wilkes Base FDI registered cover, Norfolk Island 1959 3d green & 2/- blue Ball Bay FDC, etc; plus a few postcards and patchy collection of Australia 1911-1964 circulated penny coins; mixed condition. .$160200'