b'34192* Harrison 1d Carmine-Rose [G104] pair (2), left hand unit variety Secret mark [VII/1], fine MLH,BW:74A(4)d - Cat. $365+. $150180193O 1d Carmine (aniline) [G107] perf OS vertical pair, MELBOURNE/1FE1923 datestamp, BW:74Db - extrapolated Cat. $600. Fine example. Starling Certificate (2016). $300400194** 1d Chocolate lower-left corner block of 6 WATERMARK INVERTED, mounted in sheet margin only,stamps MUH, BW:86Ca - Cat. $1500+ (SG.52aw - Cat 720+) $500750Small Multi Wmk P.14195** d Orange perf. OS, well centred for this issue, MUH; BW: 67ba - Cat. $675. $300400Small Multi Wmk. P.13 x 12196 198196** 1d Pink strip of 3 [2L58-60], the centre unit variety Void top right corner [2L59], light pencil annotationson gum MUH. Rare variety in this shade, BW: 92C(2)g - extrapolated Cat. $1500+. $400500197** * 4d Greenish-Olive, perforated OS block of 4; few nibbed perfs at lower right, superbly centred.2 MUH, 2 MLH $150175198O 2d on 1d Golden Scarlet with spectacular printing error Major void area at left side of stamp,MANJIMUP (WA) datestamp extend across the affected area; BW:101. RPSofV Certificate (2021) statesit is genuine, showing printing flaw $500750KGV Engraved Issues199199C October 1914 usage of 6d Engraved Kookaburra in combination with 1d Red KGV on registered cover from The Royal Danish Vice-Consulate HOBART to Copenhagen, DENMARK; the adhesives tied by HOBART cdss; London & Copenhagen backstamps in addition to the Consular oval cachet. A delightful and scarce usage. Cat.$2500+. $1,0001,250'