b'18Ex 94941997 $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 set of matched low number banknotes all numbered AA 97001226 in black, each note in individual NPA folders, Cat $1100. .$50075095$1 Johnston/Stone consecutive run of 50, serial nos DNF 577130 to 577179, central folds, aUnc. .$20030096$1 Johnston/Stone x94, including consecutive run of 84 between DKS 309226-309309,aUnc; plus 10 others VF/EF. (94) $30040097$2 Johnston/Fraser consecutive run of 30, serial nos LPQ 874320 to 874349, Unc. .$20030098$2 Johnston/Fraser x20, some consecutive notes comprising LEB428675-680, LEA 428902-03LEB 428614-15, LEB 628866-67, LGE 683351-52, VG to EF. (20) $80100991996 $5 Joint Issue Portfolios (4), all with a QE prefix banknote, two with serial numbers in red, two with serial number in black, all within original presentation books which also contain a gutter block of 10 of Queen Elizabeths Birthday 45c stamps, Retail $350+. .$2503001001996 $5 Signatures commemorative folders (3) each folder containing two $5 banknotes with Fraser/Evans FE prefix or Macfarlane/Evans ME prefix notes, two folders with serial numbers in black, the other with serial number in red; Unc., Cat.$235. (3 folders).$1401801011997 $10 MacFarlane/Evans uncut block of 4 banknotes with red serial numbers or with blue serial numbers, in NPA folders, the latter released at the 1997 Sydney Coin, Note and Stamp Show; Renniks: U21c/U21d - Cat. $365. (2) $250350ImagesLot numbers in black indicate lots not illustrated in this catalogue but which are available online at www.leski.com.au'