b'58Ex 303303C 16 Dec.1936 (AAMC.664-696) Brisbane - Adelaide South Australian Centenary Air Race, the complete set of 33 covers individually prepared for each competitor in their respective aircraft including the Civil Aviation Departments Monospar piloted by Flt Lieut D Ross (AAMC.695) & the Herald Percival Monospar Gull (AAMC.696) piloted by Capt. P.G. Taylor, who both flew as officials not competitors, plus the unlisted cover prepared for CA Butler who was unable to compete. All are preprinted covers with individual typed flight details, signed by the respective pilots and are cancelled at Adelaide after the 19th December or at the pilots home town. Cat.$10,000+With some flights carrying as few as 4 covers, a maximum of four complete sets is possible, with one being held in the National Library, Canberra, this is likely to be the only complete set held in private hands. Ex Frommer. (34 items) $5,0007,500304C 16-18 Dec.1936 (AAMC.666) Flown cover, carried and signed by C.D. Pratt and R.T. Vincent, entrants No.35 who flew a Klemm Eagle Monoplane. [One of only 18 covers carried]. Cat.$275 $180220305C 16-18 Dec.1936 (AAMC.675) Flown cover, carried and signed by A.H. Tweedle, entrant No.23who flew an Avro Avian Gannett. [One of only 18 covers carried]. Cat.$275 $180220306 310306C Dec.1941 large-part distressed airmail cover-front to England with KGVI 3d x2 - singed, a third missing - tied by AIF FIELD PO/NO 24 cds in use at Hama in Lebanon (Proud Not Seen), endorsed Accidentally Burned/ in Transit/28.12.41 [initials], remnants of four British PO repair labels. [On 27.12.1941, a bag of mail was damaged in transit between FPO 24 & FPO 21 at Rayak in Syria. This new discovery is believed to be the only recorded mail from this incident].$500750'