b'83406PS LETTER CARDS: (H&G #4) 1895 2d Type 8 (Head Die II, Front Arms Die B, Reverse Arms Die 3A) Card, being a rare postally used example used 1907 (Jul.10) from Brisbane to Melbourne. Only three used Type 8 cards are recorded; no unused cards are known$450550407PS LETTER CARDS: (H&G #1-4) Range of 2d Cards Types 1 to 10, all expansively annotated on exhibit pages, including rare Type 8 used 1907 (Aug.2) Brisbane to Sydney (no unused examples are recorded), plus mint and used examples of all other Types, with better origins/destinations including uprated Type 7 used 1903 from Thursday Island to South Africa and Type 9 used 1908 from Brisbane to German New Guinea; condition a tad variable. Very good lot. (33 items) $8001,000408PS LETTER CARDS: (H&G #5) 1911 1d Four Corners Letter Cards (perfs not extending to edge of card) comprising specimen example with COLLECTION/DE/BERNE/MADAGASCAR cachet plus unused and used (2) with 1912 Brisbane to Port Taufiq, Egypt, re-directed on arrival, and 1913 to Switzerland, uprated d but still underpaid for 2d rate, so taxed with Swiss postage due added. (4).$300400409PS LETTER CARDS: (H&G #5) 1911 1d Four Corners Letter Card red on grey laid card Perf.12 with the Perfs extending to edge of card, unused, less than three examples recorded; also two 1911-12 used cards on cream wove paper (selvedge removed), unrecorded by Collas. (3 items) .$300400410S PS LETTER CARDS - WITH REPLY: (H&G #6) 1911 1d Letter Card with Reply Perf 10 CTO UPU Specimen examples (2); plus Perf 12 CTO UPU specimen example, and unused; few blemishes. (4 items) .$140160Ex 411 413411S PS LETTER CARDS - WITH REPLY: (H&G #6) 1911 Letter Card with Reply, Perf 10, with unused(2, with & without perfs extending to edge of card), CTO with COLLECTION/DE/BERNE/MADAGASCAR specimen cachet, and used from Eudunda (SA) to Germany; also CTO Specimen card on cream stock, unrecorded by Collas; generally fine. (5 items) .$450550Envelopes (PTPO)412PS ENVELOPES - PTPO: (H&G #2&3) 1896 No Corner Figures Envelopes on various paper stock for unknown users comprising 1d unused (6), including three 97x120mm Ladies Envelopes, and used (2) 1902 Gladstone to Brisbane endorsed Printed Matter Only and 1903 Brisbane to Gladstone uprated with d Widow Weeds pair; 2d unused (5) including two with stamp inverted to lower-left corner in relation to the flap at top, and used (2) both 1903 from Gladstone to same addressee in Brisbane, on blue or brown stocks; few condition issues, generally fine. (15 envelopes + 2 cut-outs)$350450413PS ENVELOPES - PTPO: (H&G #2&2a) 1896 No Corner Figures PRINTED MATTER ONLY Envelopes for Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company (3) comprising 1d Orange envelopes (124x193mm) unused and used 1896 Rockhampton to Sydney (small faults), also 1d Vermilion envelope (128x193mm) used 1899 Rockhampton to Brisbane. Very scarce. .$320400414PS ENVELOPES - PTPO: (H&G #2&3) No Corner Figures 1d in orange-red and 2d in ultramarine on cream stock for user Police Court, South Brisbane, the former 1896 (Oct.17) South Brisbane local use, the latter 1897 (Dec 3) to Gladstone (backstamp), both with OHMS rubber handstamps, Police Court oval cachets and SOUTH BRISBANE Bars 215 cancels; some light spotting. The only recorded examples. .$160220'