b'33188188P 1920-21 FOUR PENCE COLOUR TRIALS: 1921 (Jan.11) 4d Perf 14 colour trials in purple shades apparently printed on the reverse of some form of financial instrument & with serial number 018258 printed in black,printed in red-brown (inverted) , or No C printed in red-brown on the reverse; Cat $45,000. The shades, again with the ACSC shades in brackets, is 108258 in mauve (pale violet), in bluish violet (deep bluish violet) & No C in deep bluish violet (dark bluish purple). (3) $25,00030,000189* 4d Violet perforated OS variety White spot over AL of AUSTRALIA [1R57], well centred, fine mint, BW:111b(1)p - extrapolated Cat. $950+. .$250350Large Multi Wmk190194190** * Harrison 1d Carmine-Rose [G104] THIN PAPER marginal block of 4, storage-related tone banding on gum, MVLH with lower units MUH; BW:74Aaa - Cat. $2000+. $700900191* Harrison 1d Carmine-Rose [G104] perf OS (one blind pin), fine mint; BW:74b - Cat $375. .$140180'