b'20Stamps & Postal HistoryAustralian CommonwealthStamps & Postal HistoryCollections & Accumulations109** * C PS Australian accumulation in small suitcase; noted KGV Heads, mainly MLH to 1/4 (4) incl. 1d Red (Die 2),4d Lemon, 4d Die 2 CTO, etc., quite good QE2 pre-decimals, 1966-80 complete as per SS pages,AAT to 1980, some FDCs, PSEs, Post Office packs, modern issues in blks., etc$9001,200110** * 0 Ex-dealers accumulation on stockcards, priced in the good-old-days; mainly pre-decimals with a few Colonial era, several booklets, etc. Untidy, but certainly good value at estimate. (qty). .$9001,200111** * 1910s-60s pre-decimal mint collection with few KGV Heads to 3d, AIF set, BCOF to 2/- (2), lot of KGVI multiples */** including imprint blocks, 1950 KGVI 2d scarlet pane of 80 MUH, 1963 Navigators set plus extra 7/6d (2) & 10/- marginal pair all MUH, QEII commemorative sets in multiples, booklet stamps & a few cinderellas; lots of duplication throughout, generally fine. Suit reseller/Fairs dealer. (1500 approx) $300500112** * O 1913-75 mostly used collection in Seven Seas album with Roos to 5/- (2, SMult & CofA), plus CofA 10/- 1 & 2 optd SPECIMEN type D, KGV Heads to 1/4d incl. SMult P13x12 1/4d CTO, Engraved 6d Kooka, KGV commemoratives incl. Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d optd OS & 5/- Bridge CTO, BCOF to 2/- (mint), sd Navigators, decimals to $4 mint, etc; mixed condition. (100s).$400500113** * O 1913-75 modest collection mostly used in Seven Seas album with Roos to CofA 5/-, KGV Heads to 1/4d, Engraved 6d Kooka, KGV commemoratives incl. postally used 5/- Bridge (defect), Decimals with few mint oddments to $4; mixed condition with toning issues. (few 100s) . $120160Ex 114114** * 1913-79 collection in Seven Seas Hingeless album. Patchy in the early pages but noted a fine 1st wmk 10/- SPECIMEN, various Roos to 2/-, several KGV heads, 3d Kooka M/Sheet, 1/- Lyrebird OS, 3d Kingsford Smith OS, 5/- Bridge, Thin paper Robes to 1, Arms set to 2, 66 defins complete, 71 Xmas blk.7 & 25, misplaced ANPEX opt on Cook sheet, etc. Mixed M/MLH/MUH. (qty). $1,2001,500115O 1913-99 used collection in Stamford Major album with slipcase with Roos to 3rd Wmk 2/- & CofA 5/- (CTO), Engraved 6d Kooka, KGV Heads to 1/4d, KGV commemoratives largely complete incl. 5/- Harbour Bridge well-centred CTO, Robes to 1, Arms to 2, sd Navigators set, range of decimal commemoratives with many complete sets, also some Australia Territories and a few Australian Colonies at back of the album; condition generally fine. (many 100s) .$400600116O 1914-60s pre-decimal used collection with duplication of better items incl. 6d Engraved Kooka (3), 1/- Large Lyrebird perf VG (12, incl. five pairs), also 1/- Large Lyrebird imprint block of 4 (creasing) & optd OS singles (4), 6d Kingsford Smith optd OS (3), Vic Centenary P.10 sets (10) and P.11 sets (6), Macarthur sets (9), ANZAC sets (5), 1 Robes Thick Paper (3), Arms 1 (9) and 2 (2), Navigators 1 (9, incl. pair) and 2 (2); also a few imprint multiples; some heavy duplication of lesser values/sets; condition somewhat variable. (1500 approx) $400600117** * Mostly MUH pre-decimal multiples with 3d Harbour Bridge Plate 1 corner block of 4, 2d Macarthur Unshaded Hills corner block of 6, 1/6d Hermes CofA Unsurfaced paper McCracken imprint block, 3d Jubilee corner block of 4, few other items incl. Victoria 1897 1d Charity mint; presented in a binder with 20 clean Hagners. (11 items).$6080118** * O AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES: mint or used in Seven Seas album with Norfolk Is reasonably complete 1947-1975 incl. 10/- Bird optd SPECIMEN & 1974 UPU M/S; also AAT, Cocos & Christmas Island, Nauru & PNG. Some condition issues so inspection recommended. .$100140Philatelic Accessories119Philatelic accessories with pre-loved stockbooks (3), quantity of glassines, Venus exhibition page protectors, cover album with protective sleeves, phone card album with modest collection of phone cards, etc. (qty) $80120'