b'68362362PS POSTAL CARDS - OFFICIAL: 1912 1d Official Post Card punctured Essay with printed ADDRESS below the header, prepared for the Department of Public Lands and utilized by them as an advice notice, the card tied by BRISBANE 5 Nov 1915 machine cancel; corner crease and some age spots. The only known example. .$1,2001,600Ex 363363PS POSTAL CARDS - OFFICIAL: 1912 Four Corners 1d perforated OS for the Department of Public Lands in 1913, comprising 1913 (Oct.8) and 1914 (Jul.14) usages, both used locally with BRISBANE Krag machine cancels, the former being the earliest recorded date of use; also a perf OS cut-out and an unpunctured card with same text setting but with A of ADDRESS under O of OF (punctured cards have A of ADDRESS under gap between O & F); fine condition. (4 items)Only 5 used examples, plus one cut-out, have been recorded, all postmarked at Brisbane$1,5002,500364 365364PS POSTAL CARDS - OFFICIAL: 1917 1d Official Post Card Kangaroo Design with OS in colourless dots (Type 2, 12 dots O, 11 dots S) for Department of Public Lands, printed ADDRESS below the header, used to Maryborough in 1917 (Jul.2) with BRISBANE machine cancel; some creasing/wrinkling at left. The only known example. .$500750'