b'116658* 1915-16 (SG.67a) 1d Dull Red abc strip of 3 [VIII/8, 14, 20], the centre unit variety Thin ONE PENNY,fine mint. Starling Certificate (2018) . $120160659** 1915-16 (SG.99) Kangaroos Third Wmk, 1 brown & blue abc strip, the second unit with overprint variety Hollow stop after W, fresh unmounted and rare thus, Cat 1750. . $2,0002,500660* 1915-16 (SG.99) Kangaroos Third Wmk 1 chocolate & dull blue Type c, fine mint, Cat. 350. .$350400661* 1918-22 (SG.103/103b) KGV 1d Carmine-Red Fifth Setting Die I-II-II strip of 3, perf reinforcements,fine mint, Cat. 220. $200300662C 1928 (Jul.19) registered cover to USA with late use of Roos 2d SG.106 well-centred block of 4 and single tied by RABAUL/19JL28 datestamps, Rabaul registration handstamp, appropriate backstamps including CHICAGO arrival, light vertical fold at right well clear of adhesives$200300New GuineaAerophilately663 664663C 21 Jan.1933 (AAMC.P53) Kainantu (Upper Ramu Goldfields) - Lae - Salamaua cover, flown & signed by John Jukes for Guinea Airways. As postal facilities were not available at Kainantu, all mail was cancelled upon arrival at Lae P.O. [Only 12 flown]. Ex Ray Kelly. .$8001,000664C 10 April 1933 (AAMC.P59) Wahgi River (Goroka) - Lae - Salamaua flown cover, signed and endorsed by the pilot, Ian Grabowsky for Guinea Airways. Grabowsky carried the first airmails to and from Goroka at the time that the Leahy Brothers Expedition was active in the Wahgi Valley. [Only 5 flown]. Cat.$2000. Ex Ray Kelly. $1,2501,500665C 4 June 1937 (AAMC.P113) Kokopo - Brisbane Emergency flight cover carried by pilots Gatenby & Marshall in a Gannett. The flight was necessitated by volcanic eruptions at Rabaul. The Gannett VH-UYE was the first Australian built plane to be flown overseas. Endorsed and signed by the postmaster. Ex Ray Kelly. .$250300New Zealand666O 1860s-1980s ex-dealers used stock on Hagners in display book, with perforated 1d & 6d Chalons, Second Sidefaces to 8d including 1d Adsons (7), 1898-1907 Pictorials to 2/- (2), duplicated KEVII & KGV to 1/- plus KGV 2/- Admiral, lots of decimal sets mint & used; also officials and a few back-of-book. (1000+) .$140180667* ** 1870s-1980s ex-dealers mint stock on Hagners in display book, with 2d Chalon Hapsberg imperf reprint pair, few 1898-1907 Pictorials low values, 1935 Jubilee set, 1936-42 Pictorials to 2/- (2), Centennial official overprints 4d to 1/-, 1940 2/6d, 4/- & 5/- Arms, 1953 QEII 3/-, 5/- & 10/-, few 1950s-70s Health M/Ss;range of decimal sets, many MUH. (many 100s) .$200300Nigeria668S* SOUTHERN NIGERIA: 1903-04 (SG.20s) and 1907-11 (SG.44s) 1 green & violet and 1 purple & black on red, Edward VII high value definitives overprinted SPECIMEN, (2) fresh, lightly mounted with o.g. $200250North Borneo669c 1941 (May 5) Office of the Conservator/Sandakan OGS cover to Canberra, with 8c Map & 2c War Tax tied by SANDAKAN datestamp, triangular PASSED FOR TRANSMISSION/20/NORTH BORNEO censor handstamp, fine condition. . $120160'