b'94South AustraliaEx 470470(*) O 1855-70 selection mostly used on Hagner with imperf London Printing 1d Green apparently unused (vertical crease, negligible margins, with gum), plus a single and miscut pair used, 6d Deep Blue (2, both close-cut complete margins), Adelaide Printing 2d (4), 1858-59 First Roulettes 1d yellow-green (trimmed roulettes, small fault) unused and a nice 1/- orange used, Second Roulettes 1d (3) including oversized 1d dull blue-green, 2d pale red unused, 4d violet, 6d, & 1/- brown, and 1867-70 Perf x Roulette 1/- used. (20) .$1,0002,000471* O 1856-1912 ex-dealers stock mostly used on Hagners with imperf 2d (3), rouletted issues to 2/- incl. 2d vermilion (unused) and 1/- orange (SG.18), perforated issues to perf.10x11 2/- (SG.151) block of 6, with various perfs/printings/shades present, range Long Toms (100+) to 2/6d (3); range of officials including Departmental 2d perf.10 optd P (Police) and surcharges; also a selection of mint oddments to 2/-; duplication of Late Period issues; likely to be some postmark interest, condition variable, particularly the earlier issues. (500 approx) $400600473 477472 474472* 1867-70 (SG.57) 6d Prussian blue, large-part og, expertising handstamp on reverse,Cat. 1000. .$3004004730 BOTANIC GARDEN: B.G. overprint in black on 1d green, perf.11 x rouletted,FU with ADELAIDE 1873 cds. Fine.$2002504740 BOTANIC GARDEN: B.G. overprint in black on 1/- chestnut, perf.11 x rouletted,FU with ADELAIDE 1871 cds. Fine.$300350475PS POSTAL CARDS - GREAT WHITE FLEET: 1908 (H&G #9) 1d red Fleet Card unused.Only 4500 cards sold.$200300Tasmania476* O C 1870-1912 Sidefaces & Tablets selection with mint Sidefaces to 9d (4) including Wmk TAS-in bars 3d deep red-brown and 4d buff & Wmk TAS 4d buff, Crown/A 8d P11, Surcharges d on 1d (3, one used), Narrow Setting 2d on 9d deep blue marginal block of 4, Wide Setting 2d on 9d (9, incl. block of 4 & strip of 3) plus 2 used, also optd REPRINT 5/- purple plus imperf d on 1d interpanneau block of 10, the six right hand units with Misplaced Halfpenny surcharge, used Sidefaces to 5/- (2, fiscally used, one with fake postal cancel), good variety of printings, shades & perfs, Tablets selection with Wmk Tas d to 5/- (ex 2d) with a few duplicates and Crown/A 1/- P12 & P11, 1d on 5d mint (9, incl. corner strip of 3) and used (8, one on PPC to Cape Colony), 1912 Pictorials 1d on 2d mint JBC Monogram single (toned gum), etc; condition variable but mostly fine. (150+) $200300477O 1853 (between SG.5-12) 4d Couriers (6) comprising Plate I First State (incomplete margins), Plate I Second State (2, one cut-to shape, the other creased & thinned) and Plate II (3, two with clear BN 59 or BN 60 cancels of Launceston), variable margins, Cat 2000+ (ex the two Plate I Second States). .$500600'