b'21KangaroosCollections120(*) O 1913-45 ex-dealers used stock on Hagners with First Wmk to 2/- including 4d (6, shades) & 2d unused(no gum), Second wmk to 5/-, 3rd Wmk to 5/- incl. 2/- Brown (9) & 2/- Maroon (5) plus 1/- green unused, SMult to 2/-, CofA to 5/-, range of official perfins incl. First Wmk 5d perf Large & Small OS; possible variety or postmark potential, condition variable. (280 approx) .$200400121* O Collection of Brusden White listed and unlisted, mostly used, varieties including First Wmk 1d Die I Plate B 1 flaw west of Tasmania - second state [L40] Cat. $150; Third Wmk 2d Die I BENCE flaw [1R49], 2d Die IIA Break in top of value circle [3R8] (2, both mint, Cat $250), 9d Die IIB White flaw below IA of AUSTRALIA [4R7], Cat $125; also noted unlisted 5d variety Thick east coast of Australia; interesting lot, worthy of specialist inspection; condition variable. (51) .$300400First Watermark122* d Green, horizontal inter-pane strip (4) with 1R55 variety White scratch left of value circle, BW:1(1)g; attractively centred, Mint. .$100150123123** * d Green JBC Monogram block of 4, light gum bends & mild storage-related tone banding,lower units MUH, BW:1(2)zc - Cat.$1200 (as a corner strip of 3).$400600124124C July 1913 usage of d Green and 2d Grey Kangaroos in combination with NSW 3d Green paying the registered rate from LAMBTON NSW to KOLN, GERMANY with departure, transit and arrival backstamps. $400500'