b'251440 6d Ultramarine Die II horizontal pair (2) with Plate 1 varieties White flaw off W.A. Coast [R55]and White flaw obliterating Port Phillip Bay [R56]. BW - $400.These constant varieties are rarely seen and almost never as a joined pair. $250300145** 6d Ultramarine Die IIB, superbly centred, fresh MUH$350400146146** * 6d Chestnut Die IIB, very well centred block (4), 3 MUH, 1 MVLH. Very fine & fresh.$200250147C April 1926 usage of 6d Chestnut Die IIB [BW:21A] on registered cover to Germany, the stamp tied by MURTOA (Vic.) datestamp with red/white registration label alongside, Murtoa, Melbourne & Crailsheim (arrival) backstamps. Fine condition. $120180148149150148** 9d Violet Die II, lovely MUH example. $150200149** 9d Violet Die II perforated Small OS; fresh MUH. BW:26ba - Cat. $475. $150200150** * 9d Violet Die IIB Mullett imprint block of 4, some storage-related tone banding on gum,hinged in upper gutter (stamps just touched), lower units MUH; BW: 27(4)zd - Cat. $1100+. $450550151O 1/- Pale Blue-Green Die II WATERMARK INVERTED horizontal pair, few nibbed perfs,very lightly cancelled, BW:32a - Cat. $550+. .$240280'