b'43261261PC 4 Aug.1919 (AAMC.19) Major Norman Brearley in an Avro biplane dropped a batch of advertising postcardsfor Charles Moore & Co over Perth and suburbs. [This example is one of 6 known.]Provenance: Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, March 2008, Lot 23 : $3260 incl. BP. $2,0002,500262262PC 6 August (AAMC.20) Adelaide - Minlaton, special postcard [#35] carried by Captain Harry Butler in his Bristol monoplane, the Red Devil; reverse with photo of Butler, printed message and printed signature. Cat.$550.Provenance: The Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, Leski Auctions, March 2008. .$300350263263PC 11 Aug.1919 (AAMC.22a) Minlaton - Adelaide Harry Butler card, carried on the return flight and cancelled on arrival 12 AU 19. The return flight mail was much smaller than that carried on the outward flight. Cat.$750. $400500'