b'37212** 1951-53 (SG.247) 3d Brown-Purple KGVI upper-left corner block of 4 with Misplacement of large part of the Authority imprint (upper line partially guillotined) from adjoining pane into the upper sheet margin BW:226zg variety, MUH. $120160213214213** 1953-56 (SG.262a) QEII 3d Brown-Red (3) all with pre-printing paper wrinkling Threadworm flaws,one stamp with stain on gum, MUH. Visually impressive varieties. $160220214** 1955-57 (SG.283a) QEII 4d Lake vertical pair with dramatic Over-inking flaws particularly the upper unit with the lettering and lower frameline affected and heavy inking over the Queens head, MUH. Impressive transient flaw. .$100150215** 1965 (SG.380) 2/3d International Co-Operation Year complete sheet of 60, numbered 071943,row 6 light crease/wrinkle, some light gumside tonespots; fresh condition overall. .$100150219216216** 1965 (SG.381b) 5d Christmas error Blue omitted marginal block of 4 from top of the sheet, fresh MUH, BW: 435cb - Cat. $7,000+. National Philatelic Centre Certificate (2020). . $2,0003,000Australian Decimal PeriodCollections & accumulations217O 1966 to early 2000s ex-dealers stock in four well-filled display books, with se-tenant strips, M/Ss, multiples, framas & counter-printed stamps, high values to $10 block of 4, International Post to $20, many commemorative sets duplicated up to 4 or 5 times or more. Heaps of thematic appeal. Should appeal to Fairs traders or packet makers. (many 1000s). .$300500218** 1968-73 group of large multiples comprising 1968 Floral Emblems 6c to 30c in corner blocks of 10, the 13c, 15c, 25c & 30c with sheet numbers in red at base (the 25c with additional sheet number at top), 1969 Xmas 5c & 25c in sheet number blocks of 10, 1972 Primary Industries set in sheet number blocks of 30 (3x10), 1972 Olympics in sheet number blocks of 20 (4x5), 1972 Xmas in marginal blocks of 30 and 1973 National Development in marginal blocks of 10; all items mounted on selvedge only, stamps are MUH. Very fine condition. (380 stamps) $250350'