b'24139137137O 2d Grey Die I Plate 1 CA Monogram block of 6, lower-left unit variety Retouched left frame and shading NW of map [1L55], well centred, tidy PYMBLE 27MY16 datestamps; BW: 7i - Cat $4000 for mint strip of 3, unpriced used. $1,0001,500138C 2d Grey Die I (corner defect) used to pay Commercial Papers double-rate on 1918 Bank of Australasia PASS BOOK ONLY envelope (142x203mm), stamp tied by ULVERSTONE (Tas) datestamp, cover with central fold. $120160139** * 2d Indigo Plate 1 Harrison one-line imprint pair, right-hand unit [R55] variety Heavy coastline to WA, storage-related tone banding on gum, fresh frontal appearance, hinged in central gutter, stamps MUH, BW:11(1)ze - Cat. $2000+. $400600140 141142140** 2d Indigo, horizontal pair, (2) perforated OS; the right hand unit additionally with variety BW:11(1)dBreak in inner top frame over R of AUSTRALIA, fresh MUH. $250300141* 3d Olive Green (Die II) fresh MLH. Cat.$600. $300350142** 3d Olive (Die IIB) blk.(4); MUH; upper right unit with tiny natural paper inclusion above last A of AUSTRALIA. Cat.$900. $300400143 144 145143** 6d Bright Blue Die II, horizontal pair with right margin, MUH, one unit with light gum bends. .$250300'