b'50279279C April - May 1925 (AAMC.78b) Calcutta - Australia (Sydney) cover (half) carried by Francesco de Pinedo and Ernesto Campanelli on the final legs of their flight from Rome in an SIAI flying boat. [1 of 42 for Sydney]. Cat.$2,000.Provenance: Nelson Eustis .$1,2001,500280C 21-22 July 1925 (AAMC.80-89a) Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney per Australian Aerial Services intermediates group comprising Melbourne-Echuca, Melbourne-Sydney, Echuca-Broken Hill, Deniliquin-Broken Hill, Hay-Broken Hill, Broken Hill-Echuca, Broken Hill-Mildura, Sydney-Deniliquin & Sydney-Echuca between #80-89a, KGV adhesives including 4d olive (2) & 4d (5); generally fine to very fine, Cat $2700. (9 covers) $1,0001,200281C 22 July 1925 (AAMC.83) Sydney - Broken Hill flown cover carried by A.A.S. on their inaugural flight linking several new intermediates. Lovely 3-colour franking. Cat.$300. .$180220282D ALAN COBHAM & DE HAVILLAND: A two-page display on De Havilland headed sheets, comprising of 3 original photographs; one of Cobhams DH50J Seaplane (G-EFBO) to be used by Mr. Alan J. Cobham on his forthcoming flight to Australia; one of Arthur Elliott (who would die en route from a bullet wound) and another signed by Cobham. .$300350283283C 30 June 1926 England - Australia - England (AAMC.96) cover signed by pilot Alan J Cobham and endorsed by him Carried on board the DH50 Seaplane/on its outward journey to Australia & back/July August Sept 1926 with Great Britain KGV 1d tied SYDNEY 16AU26 datestamp on arrival, fine condition, Cat. $5000. Cobham arrived in Sydney via Darwin on 15 August; on the return trip he left Melbourne on 29 August and arrived London on 1 October. Fewer than five covers were flown on the entire round trip, the return leg being the first airmail carried from Australia to England.Provenance: Tom Frommer . $3,5004,000'