b'32186186P 1920-21 FOUR PENCE COLOUR TRIALS: 1920 (Dec. 31) 4d Perf 14 colour trials in reddish shades on thick ungummed unwatermarked paper, each with an identifying letter in red ink on the reverse, comprising E F and H, Cat $45,000. Our assessment of the shades, again with the ACSC shades in brackets, is Ein red-lilac (carmine-rose), F in deep red-violet (reddish violet) & H in deep red-lilac (pale reddish violet).Because he considered the first group of shades to be unsatisfactory, Harrison, the printer, took it upon himself to also supply three proofs of two stamps each printed in various shades of red. $25,00030,000187187P 1920-21 FOUR PENCE COLOUR TRIALS: 4d colour trial in deep red-violet (reddish violet) endorsed on the reverse F in red, Cat $15,000. $10,00012,500'