b'64338PS S POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #5) 1888 2d Postal Cards comprising UPU example with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp in blue, unused, and used (2) with 1890 (Jan 12) Toowoomba to England and 1891 (May 22) to England with Type 3a THURSDAY ISLAND departure datestamp (rated 3R). Used examples are rare in the correct period of usage. (4)Of 49,440 cards printed only 11,001 were sold. Less than 6 cards are recorded used prior to 1 October 1891. $300400339PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #5-6) 1890 (May 7) postal use of 2d Card from Cooktown to Germany, taxed on arrival, this being the only recorded use of the 2d Card to Germany; also UPU 3d specimen examples (2),one with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp in violet, the other with BRISBANE MY19/92 CTO cancel. (3)No used examples of the 2d or 3d Cards, taxed at origin in Queensland, are known. $180240340PS S POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #6) UPU 3d Specimen examples (2), both with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp in blue (one inverted); also an unused card and 1889 (Oct.21) postally used example from Brisbane to England with LONDON backstamp in red. (4) The Postcard rate was reduced to 2d, via any route, in May 1891, thus negating the purpose of 3d Card.Of the 10,942 cards printed only 2,780 were sold. Only 10 are known correctly used within the periodto May 1891. .$150200341PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #6) postally used examples of the 3d Postal Card, correctly used within the period of usage to UK destinations, comprising 1889 (Oct.21) Brisbane to London, 1890 (Mar.23) Mackay to Hereford, & 1890 (Aug.2) Brisbane to Scotland endorsed Via San Francisco. (3) Only 10 cards are known correctly used within the period of usage to May 1891,when the rate was cut to 2d. $350500342PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #7) 1891 1d Reply Postal Cards perf. 6 Type A (2) Carmine on Coarse Creamor on Surfaced Buff Card, and Type B Carmine on Coarse Cream Card; all fine unused. (3) $200250Ex 343 Ex 344343PS S CTO POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #7) Range of 1891 Types A to G 1d Reply Postal Cards including postally used (15) including 1897 (May 11) to Sydney with weak strike of Type 3c DOWNFALL CREEK departure datestamp (rated 4R), 1903 uprated from Rockhampton to Presteigne, Radnorshire, England, 1911 (Apr.25) use of Reply Half to remote Tola in Southern Nigeria with GARUA (Cameroons) transit datestamp and a Type 5a HATTON VALE departure datestamp (rated 4R); other destinations include Austria, Germany and USA plus a taxed 1893 Reply Half to Switzerland with Swiss 10c added; also unused cards (10), and a specimen example with weak strike of BRISBANE cto cancel, this being the only recorded example. Impossible to replicate.(26 items) $1,0001,300344PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #7) 1d Reply Postal Cards rare uprated usages comprising 1900 (Nov.29) Thursday Island to Holland with card and the added d tied by fine Rays 148 cancels; also 1907 (Aug.24) with card and added d adhesive tied by BUNDABERG 148 duplex. Rare duo. (2)$300400345PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #8) 1891 UPU 1d Reply Postal Card selection, representing the 4 different die settings recorded by Collas, comprising mint (4), and used (7) with 1899 Thursday Island to Japan, plus other destinations including Argentina, India, Netherlands, Russia & Sweden; condition a little variable, mostly fine. (11)$500750346PS S POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #8) 1891 UPU 1d Postal Card chocolate on buff stock, with italicised Specimen handstamp in violet, from the Printers book; light vertical bends. $150250'