b'115Morocco Agencies649C TANGIER: 1957 (SG.323-342) Centenary of British Post Office QEII d to 10/- set tied by 1AP57 datestamps to three registered FDCs with Centenary cachets, addressed locally with rubber handstamps, hinge mount remnants on reverse, very fine overall. .$80120Netherland IndiesEx 650Ex 651650** * (*) O SURINAM: 1873-1975 predominantly mint/unused collection in hingeless album with 1873-88 King William to 2g50 (2) with perf variations (ex 25c blue & 1g (2) which are used), 1900 Wilhelmina surcharge trio unused, 1902-09 c to 2g unused (7c & 22c are used), 1909 rouletted 5c tete-beche pair used, 1911 Surcharges set of 5 unused, 1913 Long Set to 2g mint (50c is used), 1923 Jubilee MUH, 1927 Wilhelmina set mint, thereafter reasonably complete mint incl. 1936 c to 2g50 & 1945 1c to 10g long sets and 1955 Wildlife M/S MUH; also back-of-book material including Airmails and Postage Dues; condition generally fine. Stated to Cat 6500+ (not checked by us). $1,0002,000New Guinea, G.R.I. & N.W.P.I.651** * 0 An accumulation on stockcards with NWPI issues to 5/- including SG.100 (One Penny on 5d) x 2;New Guinea 2/- Bird (SG.186) x 39, a few Papua Lakatois, PNG 1964 Birds (6 MUH sets), 1969 Shells (2 sets), Postage Dues SG.D2-6 **, a few Booklets, etc. (qty). .$500750652* FORGERY: 1925 1 Huts, dull green perforated and with gum MVLH; well centred.An expert creation by master-forger Angelo Panelli. $250300653** 1932 (SG.186) 2/- dull lake Undated Bird, complete sheet with Ash Imprint and full margins, (30).Cat.195+. $150200654O 1935 (SG.204) 2 Bulolo Air, very well centred, fine used, Cat. 140. $120160655657656659655* FORGERY: 1935 (SG.204) 2 Bulolo Panelli/Oneglia forgery in dull violet, with gum. $400600656O FORGERY: 1935 (SG.205) 5 Bulolo Panelli/Oneglia forgery in dull green, with forged datestamp. $500750657(*) 1914-15 (SG.26) Overprints on GNG Yachts, 5mm Spacing 8d on 80pf black & carmine/rose,10th Setting Position 2, unused (regummed), Cat. 425. RPSofV Certificate (2006). $400500'