b'29168* 1d Red Plate 4 Harrison one-line imprint pair with variety RA of AUSTRALIA joined [VII/60],somewhat aged, MLH; BW: 71(4)zj - Cat. $1500 (as an imprint block of 4). $250350169**/* 1d Red Plate 4 Harrison two-line (N over MP) imprint block of 4 with varieties Fernsand RA of AUSTRALIA joined, somewhat aged, lower units MUH; BW: 71(4)zk - Cat. $1750. .$450600170** * 1d Carmine-Red Plate 4 Pane VII large-part sheet (missing units 57-60), with varieties Secret mark, Break in top frame, Wattle line, Flaw under neck & White scratch behind emus head [VII/1,7,31,32,37 & 54]; fragile condition, the pane split centrally, with other perf separations & reinforcements; BW: 71A(4)d-i - Cat. $1500+.$500750171** * 1d Dull Red [G16] perf OS block of 6 (3x2), storage-related tone banding on gum, five units MUH;BW: 71Ebb - Cat. $415+. Drury Certificate (2020) .$160220172** * 1d Rose [G21] block of 4, MLH, plus 1d Rose-Carmine [G22] block of 6 (3x2) perf separations at right,lower units MUH; BW: 71K & 71L - Cat. $425+. Each with Drury Certificates (2018).$160220173* 1d Pale Rose [G21] perf OS, variety Dry ink, fine mint, BW: 71K(bb)ca - Cat. $350.Starling Certificate (2019). $220280174** 1d Carmine (aniline) [G33] block of 4, fresh MUH; BW: 71Z - Cat. $300+. Starling Certificate (2017). (4) $140180175175** 1d Brownish Red Rough Paper [G75] punctured OS, BW:72Nbb marginal block of 12 [L1-6/7-12] from Plate 3, Strong Compartment Lines especially at the left & top of all six upper units, stamps unmounted, Cat $9000. A marvellous item for the Compartment Lines specialist.Provenance: The Arthur Gray Collection, May 2016, Lot 147.$1,2001,500178176176* 1d Red Die III CA Monogram strip of 3, some hinge reinforcements at base, selvedge without gum,stamps MVLH: BW: 75zb - Cat. $3,750. $1,0001,200177* 1d Deep Red Die III [G110], well centred, fine mint, plus 1d Carmine-Red [G109] WATERMARK INVERTED mint (some gum loss), BW:75B & BW: 75Aa - Cat. $325. (2) $120160'