b'95478478P DIE PROOF: 1855 Chalon Heads 1d progressive die proof, prior to engraving of VAN DIEMENS LAND,in black on stout card (48x68mm), extension of framelines on all sides with traces of additional framelines most noticeably at left, with some other markings outside framelines. Wonderful item. [Previously sold for $12,000+ at an August 2012 Melbourne auction] . $6,0008,000479 480479O 1855 (SG.17) Star Wmk 4d deep blue pair, margins largely complete (just shaved at left), BN 68 cancel,Cat 260+. Lovely deep colour. $120150480O 1856-57 (SG.24) No Wmk Pelure Paper 1d deep-red brown, margins just shaving (at base) to very good,BN 64 cancel of Hobart, Cat 750. Lovely rich colour. $250300481O 1857-67 (SG.27) 1d brick-red strip of 4, margins shaved/cut-into slightly in places, the fourth unit with impressive pre-printing paper fold, the first unit with vertical marginal watermark lines, BN 75 cancels of Hobart. Scarce multiple. .$200300482(*) 1857-57 (SG.34) Numeral Wmk 2d slate-green, complete margins, fine unused, two small dealer marks on reverse, Cat. 425. .$200300483O 1880-91 (SG.160a) 1d vermilion-red with spectacular Queen obliterated major over-inking flaw which has also blocked-out much of the frame detail. Impressive flaw; with normal for comparison. (2). $100150484** (*) REPRINTS: 1886 perforated 4d Chalon marginal block of 10 (5x2) on Thick Paper, full unmounted o.g., also single imperforate die proof in carmine, without denomination with Blank Tablet & No Frame at Base. (2 items) $150200'