b'39224224** 1976 (SG.629) Australian Scenes 35c Wittenoom Gorge lower-left corner block of 6 (2x3) variety Purple (distant hills in background) omitted or disappearing, fresh MUH, BW:749c - Cat $4000 for a complete omission on a single stamp. An impressive piece, being the lowest 3 rows of a block of 20; the upper units having had the colour completely omitted. $2,5003,000Ex 225225** 1978-80 (SG.673a) 20c Little Grebe error Yellow omitted (beak and eye) complete sheet of 100, the only yellow colour evident on the sheet being a small section of one of the marginal colour bars; light bend across upper right corner of sheet & few light gum tones, overall fresh MUH; BW: 805cb - $25,000+ (SG: Cat. 19,000+). The only complete sheet known.The sheet is accompanied by a comparison sheet showing a 1mm shift of the yellow colour with yellow colour merging into the top of the Grebes head. The shift can also be seen in the marginal colour bars. This variety is often passed off as the missing colour error. (2 items) $4,0006,000'