b'49277277** 17 Apr.1922 (AAMC.64c, Frommer 5b) For the Herald & Weekly Times experimental air mail flight from Melbourne - Geelong & return, a Herald Air Mail vignette in blue was prepared; a very rare complete block of 4 with selvedge, MUH. It is believed that fewer than 5 blocks survive.Provenance: Tom Frommer . $4,0005,000278278C 5 Nov.1922 (AAMC.66) Cloncurry - Charleville cover flown by QANTAS on the first return airmail delivery flight over this route and bearing the extremely rare FOR AERIAL TRANSMISSION red on white vignette. Flown by Hudson Fysh (Cloncurry - Longreach) and P.J. McGinness (Longreach - Charleville) and addressedto C.G.Grey, editor of The Aeroplane in London.Of the approximately 15 covers known from these inaugural Qantas flights, 2 are recorded to New Zealand addresses and this is the only other cover known to a foreign destination. Grey has annotated the cover in pencil at lower left Arrived December 21. On annotated exhibit page together with March 1924 Qantas flown commercial cover from McKinlay to Longreach, bearing the black on pale green 2nd Qantas vignette. [Qantas had expanded its route to include several small settlements like McKinlay, 71 residents, 80kms south of Cloncurry]. Cat.$12,000.Provenance: John Cress$7,50010,000'