b'101516C 1849 entire from Sydney to Launceston, endorsed per Shamrock, posted as a local letter upon arrival with good strike of the scarce Launceston Twopenny Post 10.O.CLOCK/1MAR1/1849 datestamp in black. Remarkable use of this timed handstamp on incoming mail. $200300517C 1851 (Jan.3) Bank of Australasia (Launceston) printed notice sent locally and rated 2, with bold and largely complete strike of 1.O.CLOCK/3JA3/1851 datestamp in black. [The 1 oclock datestamp is rare, Green Books state it is not known when the 1 oclock delivery commenced in Launceston.] $500600518 520518C 1852 (July 13) Launceston to Campbell Town outer rated 4 with Type 2 Launceston departure datestamp, superb same day strike of boxed CAMP TOWN/13 July 52 arrival handstamp. Very fine and attractive. Ex John Cress. Purchased in our November 2003 Sale for $1725. $500600519C 1857 (Sept.19) inwards entire to Launceston from Mauritius endorsed p Cantero & favod(favoured)/by Capn Walters with SHIP-LETTER INWARDS FREE/31OC/1857 boxed handstamp overstamped 2NO/1857 to correct the date, plus another strike with the correct 2NO/1857 dateline scored through, on reverse fine strike of SHIP-LETTER INWARDS FREE/2NO/1857 diamond datestamp. Most unusual combination of cancellations.The letter proposes a partnership in a shipment of sugar from Mauritius to Tasmania. $250350520C 1858 (Oct.18) cover to London endorsed Via Melbourne & Aden with Numeral Wmk imperf 1d brick-red pair (margins largely complete) & 4d blue cancelled by BN 62 obliterator of Hobart and partially tied by HOBART large crown circle datestamp, LONDON PAID/1858/18OC18/AC arrival datestamp, fine condition. $400500521C 1867 (May 6) On Public Service Only printed court circular with Clerk of the Peace/Launceston imprint at lower-left, sent locally with very fine strike of Launceston [crown]/FREE/6MY6/1867 diamond datestamp in red (rated RR) on face. $120150522C 1886 (Feb.6) cover to Ireland endorsed By P. O. Steamer and Via Melbourne with 6d Platypus Postal Fiscal tied by HOBART duplex, OMAGH arrival backstamp; also 1900 (Nov.30) 3d optd REVENUE pair tied to local cover (unsealed flap) by Hobart datestamps. (2 covers) $100150529523523C 1891 (Jul. 2) use of 1d Postal Card uprated with 3d Platypus + 2d Sideface for transit from Hobart to Austria paying the 6d pre-UPU rate for letters to European countries, PRAGUE 12/8/91 arrival datestamp on face. [Postcards sent at the pre-UPU letter rate are extremely scarce] $300400524C 1897 (May 19) triple-rate cover to England with attractive multicolour franking comprising Tablets 2d pair + d + Sidefaces 1d (2) cancelled by bold strikes of BN 62 obliterator with fine strike of NEW TOWN/MY19/97 datestamp alongside, on reverse HOBART transit and LONDON arrival datestamp, minor edge blemishes. .$150200'