b'118682* 1901-05 (SG.13a) BNG Wmk Vertical 4d black & sepia variety Deformed d at left [pos.18], well centred, fine mint, Cat. 650. .$450550683* 1906 (SG.17-19 & 21-24) Large Papua simplified set to 1/-, comprising Wmk Vertical d to 2d and Wmk Horizontal 4d to 1/-, key 4d value is very well centred, fresh MLH/MVLH, Cat. 400+. (7).$300400684* 1907 (SG.42a) Small Papua Wmk Vertical, 4d black & sepia variety Deformed d at left [pos.18], well centred, fine mint, Cat. 700. .$450550685* (*) 1907-10 (SG.47-70 range) Large & Small Papua mint/unused selection on Hagner with Large Papua d & 2/6d (SG.48) various Small Papua issues to 4d (7), 6d (4) & 1/- (5) with various shades, perfs and watermark orientations represented, some condition issues, many are fine. (41) .$240280686* 1907-10 (between SG.47 and 60) Large & Small PAPUA mint multiples comprising Large PAPUA (SG.47) partially reconstructed sheet [25 of 30 positions], Small PAPUA Wmk Upright (inverted) P.11 4d (SG.52) corner block of 4 the lower-right unit with Pole to sail [Pos.7] flaw, Watermark Sideways P.11 d (SG.59) marginal block of 4 (MUH) lower-right unit with Spot under P of POSTAGE at right & lower-left corner block of 6 with Rift in clouds [Pos.23] & Comet [Pos.28] flaws, and a 1d (SG.60) marginal block of 4 with the same two varieties; generally fine. (43 stamps).$180240687* O 1907-10 (SG.51a & 62a) Small PAPUA Wmk Upright Perf.11 2d black & pale ultramarine mint & used (minor tone) and Wmk Sideways Perf.11 2d black & dull blue mint; all stamps with the variety Thin d at left, Cat. 345. (3) $240280688* (*) 1907-10 (SG.52a & 63a) Small PAPUA 4d Perf.11 Wmk Upright (a tad aged) and 4d Wmk Sideways Perf.11, both with variety Deformed d at left, the latter without gum, Cat. 280. (2) $180240689* 1907-10 (SG.59-65) Small PAPUA Wmk Sideways P.11 d to 1/- set,all values with Rift in sky variety, fine mint. (7) $140180690** * 1907-10 (SG.61-62) Small PAPUA Wmk Sideways P.11 2d corner block of 6, upper right unit Rift faw lower right unit Comet Flaw, lower centre unit White leaves; also 2d marginal block of 4 with the same flaws (storage-related tone banding on gum), lower units of each block MUH, Cat 180. $200300691** * 1907-10 (SG.63) Small PAPUA Wmk Sideways P.11 4d complete sheet (6x5) with varieties annotated in the sheet margins, including Deformed d [pos.18], hinged in margins only, all stamps - bar one (just touched) - are MUH, Cat. 285. (30).$200300 692O 1907-15 (SG.47-91 range) Lakatoi used selection on Hagner with 1907-10 Small Papua to 4d (6), 6d (4) & 1/- (5) representing various shades, perfs and watermark orientations, 1910-11 Large Papua to 1/- (2) & 2/6d Type B, 1911-15 Monocolours set to 2/6d; condition variable but mostly fine. (49) .$220280693* 1910-11 (SG.75-83) Large PAPUA d to 2/6d (3) including 2d variety C for O in POSTAGE (SG.77a)and 2/6d Type B (2) & Type C, fine mint, Cat. 385. $250300694* 1910-11 (SG.77a,78a,79a) Large PAPUA Perf.12 variety group comprising 2d pair, the right-hand unit with C for O in POSTAGE at right, 2d Thin d at left, and 4d Deformed d at left, generally fine mint (4d some gum loss), Cat. 460+. (3) .$280340Ex 709695695** 1911-15 (SG.91w) Monocolours 2/6d carmine-rose Lakatoi, with watermark Crown to right of A variety, corner example, superb MUH. Cat.600+. $600800696* 1916-31 (SG.100) Bicolours 5d bluish slate & pale brown Lakatoi, 22 different plate positions (as per annotations), some shade variations, fine mint. (22) $100150697* 1916-31 (SG.104) Bicolours 5/- black & green Cooke imprint strip of 3 with CA & JBC Monograms, well centred, MVLH$200300698O 1916-31 (SG.105) Bicolours 10/- green & pale ultramarine rejoined block of 4, some light surface soils/marks, otherwise fine, Cat. 760. Rare multiple. .$400500'