b'4Table of ContentsCoins & Banknotes QueenslandThe Bernie Beston Gold Medal CollectionMedallions & Sterling Silver Miniatures/Replicas 111 of Postal Stationery 323469Australian Coins .1253Postal Cards .323401AustraliaMixed lots . 1216Lettercards 402411AustraliaSovereigns & Half Sovereigns 1719Envelopes (PTPO) .412440 Registration envelopes441455Australia - Gold .2030AustraliaDecimal Proofs & Uncirculated Sets 3136Wrappers 456467AustraliaSilver .3753Telegrams .468469South Australia .470475World Coins 5488 Tasmania 476526Mixed lots & accumulations 5467 Incl. Postal Stationery 504508China 68 Postal History 509526Gold 6977 Victoria. 527535Israel .78 Western Australia (Postal Stationery) .536537PNG 79Rest of the WorldStamps & Postal History 538751Silver 8088 Thematics .538550Australian Banknotes 89104 World Collections & Miscellaneous 551589World Banknotes .105108 Omnibus Issues .590Postcards .591Stamps & Postal History Individual Countries and StatesAntarctica 592594Australian CommonwealthAustria 595598Stamps & Postal History 109314 Canada 599Collections & Accumulations .109118 Ceylon 600602Philatelic Accessories.119 China 603605Kangaroos Cyprus 606607Collections 120121 Denmark .608First Watermark122134 Falkland Islands 609Third Watermark.135152 Fiji 610611Small Multiple Watermark153155 France & French Community 612613Germany & Associated Territories 614617CofA Watermark.156161Great Britain .618632King George V Heads Greece 633Collections 162163 Hong Kong 634Single Watermark .164189 Israel .635638Incl. Four Pence Colour Trials .182188 Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika .639642Large Multi Wmk 190194 Malaya & States .643647Small Multi Wmk P.14 195 Malta .648Small Multi Wmk. P.13 x 12 196198 Morocco Agencies .649KGV Engraved Issues .199Netherland Indies .650New Guinea, G.R.I. & N.W.P.I. 651662Other Pre-Decimals .200216 New GuineaAerophilately .663665Australian Decimal PeriodNew Zealand 666667Collections & accumulations 217218 Nigeria .668Decimal Issues .219230 North Borneo 669"Postage" Lots 231241 Nyasaland .670671Postage Dues .242245 Palestine (Postal History) 672Papua .673715Postal Stationery Aerophilately & Postal History .716720Envelopes 246249 Papua New Guinea .721 Registration Envelopes 250 Pitcairn Island .722723First Day Covers & Special Cancel covers .251258 Portuguese Colonies (Postal History) 724725Australian Aerophilately .259308 Rhodesia 726Australian Commonwealth Postal History 309310 Samoa .727728Australian Postcards .311314 Sierra Leone .729731Somaliland 732733Australian Colonial Period 315537 South Africa 734748Collections & Accumulations .315316 Incl. Provinces.734738New South Wales 317322 & Homelands .744747South West Africa .749Switzerland 750United States .751'