b'12481993-97 ONE DOLLAR SILVER KANGAROO: two example for each year, in original packaging, each coin containing 1 troy ounce of .999 Silver. (10).$450550491994-1996 Australias Olympic Heritage Series set of 6 frosted .999 fine silver $10 coins, each weighing 20.77gr; two complete sets in their original packaging, Retail $350. (2 sets) .$260300501996-97 Silver Kookaburras with privy marks comprising 1996 Goya, Eiffel Tower, Atomium, Colossus of Rhodes, Brandenburg Gate, Tower Bridge, Panda & Swan River, 1997 Monument of Discoveries (Portugal), Colosseum, Japanese Golden Yen, Gaudi, Zurich Coat of Arms, Elk (Finland), & Windmill (Netherlands). Each coin 1 troy oz of 99.9% silver, Unc., in original packaging. (15) .$500750511997 One Dollar and Two Dollar Silver Kookaburras containing 1 troy oz and two troy oz of 99.9% silver respectively, in the original presentation wallet. .$10014052 53522000 Olympics (Sydney) $30 Olympic Kilo Masterpiece, stated (at the time) to be the largest Olympic coin ever minted, 1kg of 99.9% silver, with original wooden presentation case (blemishes), Unc. $1,1001,300532006 Commonwealth Games (Melbourne) $30 One Kilo Fine Silver Coin, with original wooden presentation case and box, CofA for #119 of just 500 minted, 99.9% fine silver, Unc. $1,1001,300World CoinsMixed lots & accumulations54Coin album with selection of circulated world coins incl. Great Britain QV 1894 6d & KEVII 1906 1/- New Zealand 1949 (2) & 1967 Crowns, Sarawak 1863 Brooke 1c, USA 1900, 1921 & 1922 silver dollars, etc; condition variable. (28).$10015055Collection in three organiser cabinets and a small box containing a huge variety of circulated world coins, mostly 20th century and predominantly alloy types with some silver coins present including Australia 1927 Canberra Florin, Great Britain 1888 QV Crown, 1906 KEVII 6d, 1925 KGV Florin, Netherland 1847 1g, Switzerland range of fr, 1fr & 2fr coins, USA 1913, 1935 & 1943 Half-Dollars; many other countries represented including Canada, East Africa & Kenya, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa etc. Allow plenty of viewing time. (many 100s) .$50075056Diverse accumulation with COINS incl. Roman Empire Emperor Hadrian (117-138 A.D.) bronze sestertius (24gr), 1797 Cartwheel penny, GB 1846 Thames Amateur Regatta Medallion, Australia 1937 silver Crown, low denomination silver incl. Australia threepences, collection of circulated world coins in album, mostly minors however houses a diverse range with many counties represented; also BANKNOTES (somewhat affected by damp) incl. Australia KGVI Coombs/Wilson 10/- ) QEII Coombs/Wilson 1 (both defects), USA 1981 Series $20 & 1977 Series $50, plus range of world banknotes; inspection advised due the condition issues. .$30050057General world accumulation of coins and medallions including Roman Empire Constantius II coin, RAM 1992 Gold Coast Sesquicentenary trade dollar packs (2), Australia 1975 gilded 2c & 1980 Melbourne International Centenary Exhibition stg silver medallion (25gr) by Stokes, world coins loose and in coin album sleeves. Nice variety. (100s) .$15020058Mostly British array with circulated quantity of QV-KGVI silver 3ds (160gr), pierced QV 1/-, KGV half crowns (4) & florin; also pennies and halfpennies; uncirculated 1953 Coronation crowns (3), 1965 Churchill crowns (3), 1977 Jubilee crown, 1986 Commonwealth Games 2, 1988 Australia Bicentenary coin set; also Malawi 1971 uncirculated coin sets (2), and a few circulated banknotes incl. GB OBrien 10/-.$150250'