b'63329Ex 338329P POSTAL CARDS: Perkins Bacon Die Proof of Chalon Head vignette used in the 1880 Postal Card design, on thick ungummed, unwatermarked wove paper.Ex Perkins Bacon Archives. .$8001,200330PS S POSTAL CARDS: 1880-86 (H&G #1-3) range of issued 1d Cards with handstamped SPECIMEN (3),two diagonally in violet or blue for UPU, the other horizontally in black from Printers Book (only 3 recorded), also various shades unused (6) and used (8) including earliest recorded date of use 1880 (Nov.19) from Toowoomba to Brisbane, also 1886 Jondaryan to Toowoomba, 1887 to Brisbane with BN 233 cancel & TPO S&WR datestamp; few with aging, generally fine. (17 items). .$300400331PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #1),1881 (Mar.25) use of 1d Postal Card (vertical fold) from Brisbane with multiple redirections within Australia, thence to South Africa, a non-UPU member country, with POST CARDS TO THIS ADDRESS/CANNOT BE FORWARDED handstamp applied in London, subsequently returned to Australia; also 1895 (Mar.15) use of 1d Card from Warwick to Portugal uprated d for the 1d rate for delivery to UPU member countries, Queensland having joined the UPU on Oct. 1 1891. (2 items)$300450332PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #1) 1d Postal Card usage selection comprising 1886 (Mar.23) Ipswich to Hochkirch (Vic) not uprated for interstate transit so taxed with oval 3d/MORE TO PAY handstamp applied; 1889 Rockhampton uprated to 2d letter rate with 1d added & tied by Bars 447 cancel, printed notice on reverse for sale of IMPROVED PASTORAL PROPERTY in Rockhampton district; 1894 (Nov.22) Ipswich to America at 1d rate (stamp removed) with BRISBANE transit & SAN FRANCISCO CAL/PAID ALL arrival datestamp; 1898 (Jan.9) rare use from Hughenden to Cochin, China (arrival cds) with TOWNSVILLE & HONG KONG transit backstamps. (4 items). .$300400333PSPOSTAL CARDS: (H&G #1) 1882 (Jun.19) use of 1d Postal Card from Bogantungan to South Australia, taxed as deemed invalid for interstate use, taxed at 2d double deficiency with boxed INSUFFICIENTLY/PRE-PAID handstamp applied. The 1d Postal Card rate was not introduced to the Australian Colonies until January 1887 so 1d Postal Cards sent interstate prior to this date were treated as short paid & taxed accordingly. .$80120334PS S CTO POSTAL CARDS: 1888 (H&G #4) 1d Postal Card assembly comprising UPU specimen examples (2), one with diagonal SPECIMEN handstamp in black, the other with BRISBANE JY29/91 CTO cancel; also used examples (8) incl. 1890 Townsville to Cooktown, 1892 uprated to Germany with TOO LATE handstamp and ROSEWOOD Type 3c departure datestamp (rated 3R) & Bars 184 cancel tying the card, 1898 Toowoomba to Mt Gambier, 1899 Townsville to Netherland Indies with printed notice for The Australian Joint Stock Bank; also a single unused card; mostly fine. (11) $200300335PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #4) 1888 (Oct.16) use of 1d Postal Card (horizontal fold) to London, not uprated so taxed for deficiency with manuscript Def Postage 1d/Fine 2d} 3d marking and bold strike of 3D/620 handstamp, Rays 128 cancel with HEMMANT Type 3a datestamp beneath (rated 4R), WOOLLOONGABBA & BRISBANE transits & LONDON S.W. arrival datestamp. .$80120336PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #4) 1896 (Sep.11) use of 1d Postal Card uprated with d for transit to Jamaica tied by Bars 386 with fine strike of KILKIVAN JUNCTION Type 3c datestamp (rated R) alongside, dated message on reverse, BRISBANE & FOREIGN N.Y. (New York) transits and KINGSTON arrival datestamp. The only known commercially used example to this destination. $80120337PS POSTAL CARDS: (H&G #4) 1898 (July 30) use of 1d Postal Card to Hong Kong, uprated with 1d to pay foreign postcard rate, tied by BRISBANE duplex, HONG KONG AU30 arrival datestamp, printed notice on reverse for Union Bank of Australia. The only known commercially used example to this destination. $150200'