b'98492* O 1905-1912 2d Pictorial selection with 1905-12 Litho using transfers from DLR used singles (8) including varieties & shades, 1911 Stereotype P12 block of 4 and P11 corner marginal block of 4 the upper-right unit showing Damage to the upper frame, 1912 ONE PENNY on 2d P.11 strip of 4 from the lower-left corner of the sheet, two right side units with DOUBLE PERFS between stamp and the sheet margin, also P.11 block of 4 with 22 OCT.12 early date of use cancel; condition variable. (29 stamps) $150200493(*) 1905-12 (SG.246) Litho Using Transfers from DLR Plates, 3d brown Perf.11 block of (4),upper units IMPERFORATE AT TOP, unused. Rare. $300500494494* 1905-12 (SG.247bb) Litho Using Transfers from DLR Plates, 4d orange-buff Compound Perf (11x12x11x12) block of 6 from the left of the sheet, fine mint, Cat. 3000+. Extremely rare multiple.$1,8002,200495** * O 1905-11 (SG.249) Typo Using Electrotyped Plates d yellow-green selection incl, Wmk Sideways P.12 corner blocks of 6 (2), P.11 corner block of 6, Wmk Upright P.11 SG. 249da corner blocks of 6 (2, one Wmk Upright inverted); also used Wmk Sideways P.11 SG. vertical pairs & (one with Watermark Reversed) & P12 used single, Cat. 1300+. .$500750496 499496* 1905-11 (SG.250f) Typo Using Electrotyped Plates Wmk Upright (Inverted) 1d rose-red IMPERFORATE PAIR from the top of the sheet, with large part inverted AUSTRALIA sheet edge watermark in the upper margin, fine mint, Cat. 700. .$400600497* O 1905-11 (SG.250) Typo Using Electrotyped Plates: 1d rose-red selection incl. mint Wmk Upright P.12 & P.11 blocks of 4 and Wmk Sideways P.11 (SG.250e) block of 4 and a mint single, used examples incl. Worn Plate strip of 4 and pair; also 1d carmine-red P.12 (SG.250g) JBC Monogram strip of 3 and 1d deep carmine-red P12 vertical pair mint, plus used examples of early dates. (34 stamps)$250350498O 1905-11 (SG.251b) Electrotype Crown/A 2d plum Perf.11 variety Double perfs at top,unlisted by Brusden White (BW:T36b for the same variety Perf 12), Hobart machine cancel $120150499* 1905-11 (SG.253b) Typo Using Electrotyped Plates Wmk Sideways, 3d brown Perf.11 marginal block of (4) with part marginal cross, and DOUBLE PERFS between stamps vertically, fine mint. $200300'