b'28163O 1914-36 ex-dealers used stock on thirteen Hagners with Single Wmk to 1/4d incl.1d Reds (130 approx,good range of shades) & 4d violet perf OS (3), LMult to 1d, SMult P14 to 1/4d, P13x12 to 1/4d (9),CofA to 1/4d (5); smatttering of Official/State perfins throughout, possible shade and variety interest;condition variable. May reward close inspection. (100s) $300500Single Watermark164** * (*) 1d Red mint group comprising Smooth Paper 1d Carmine-Red [G10] INVERTED WATERMARK mint, and normal watermark MUH, Rough Paper 1d Rose-Red (aniline) [G63] unused, 1d Carmine-Red [G73] perf OS unused; Cat $160, each stamp with separate Drury Certificate. (4) $80120165165P THE PERKINS BACON DIE PROOFS: State 2 die proof with a field of horizontal lines behind the Kings head, in black on highly glazed thin card (125x75mm) with no endorsements on the face, PERKINS BACON & CO LTD/PROOF/. cachet on the reverse, BW:70(DP)12Ac - Cat. $12500. Six examples recorded. Ex Perkins Bacon Archives. Provenance: The Arthur Gray Collection, October 2015, Lot 33. . $5,0006,000166* 1d Red Plate 3 Harrison one-line imprint pair with variety White flaw in right frame opposite emus feet [VI/55], tad toned with a couple of age spots; BW: 71(3)zf - Cat. $1500 (as an imprint block of 4). .$250350169167167** * 1d Red Plate 4 Harrison one-line imprint block of 4 with varieties Ferns [VII/54] and RA of AUSTRALIA joined [VII/60], fresh block with upper units MVLH, lower units MUH; BW: 71(4)zj - Cat. $1500+. .$700900'