b'5Coins & BanknotesMedallions & Sterling Silver Miniatures/Replicas1AGRICULTURAL MEDAL: 1893 medal commemorating the Earl of Jerseys visit to the Armidale Show in NSW, copper alloy, diameter 25mm; also 1805-1905 Centenary Medal commemorating Nelsons triumph at Trafalgar containing copper from HMS Victory, the sales of which were used to fund the restoration the famous Flagship, diameter 30mm, with the original presentation box. (2 items). .$1001502MEDALLION/PAPER WEIGHT: 1840-1928 The New Home of The Herald and Allied Publications brass plaque (55x85mm) mounted on ball feet; weight 185g, with original Stokes & Sons (Medalists & Badge Makers) box$6010033STERLING SILVER - 1000 YEARS OF BRITISH MONARCHY: set of 50 silver ingots issued in 1973 by John Pinches (Medallists) featuring British monarchs from Edgar (AD 973) to Queen Elizabeth II, all contained within large felt-lined wooden presentation box; total weight 104 troy oz (3.234kg) of 92.5% silver. . $3,2003,600Calling for ConsignmentsContact Charles or Matt to discuss consigning to our next Stamp, Coin & Banknote auction.+61 3 8539 6150|mail@leski.com.au|www.leski.com.au'