b'99500501500* 1905-11 (SG.253c) Typo Using Electrotyped Plates, 3d brown Mixed Single Line Perf 12.4 and 11,with mixed vertical gauges at right, few tonespots and patch of lost gum on reverse,BW: T51 - Cat $600 (SG Cat. 425). .$200300TasmaniaPostal Fiscals5010 1906-09 (SG.258) 10/- mauve & brown, perf.12, wmk Crown over A inverted;a superb commercially used blk.(4) from DELORAINE in May 1909. Cat.1100. $8001,000502* Postal Fiscals: 1900 (SG.F36d) 1d blue Platypus variety REVENUE overprint doubled,some gum discolouration, Cat 325. RPSofV Certificate (1984). $150200503* (*) O 1860s-1900 Revenues selection with 10/- George & Dragon with fake postal cancel, Platypus Series 1880 1d blue (10) several postally used incl. pair plus mint single, 3d (5) one mint others postally used, 6d (6) postally used, 1/- (2) postally used; 1900 optd REVENUE 1d mint, 3d (4) incl. postally used marginal pair & single, 1/- (2) one unused; also perforated Chalons 1d (2), 6d & 1/- with pen cancels. (36) $150200TasmaniaPostal Stationery504PS Selection with Envelopes (9) comprising 1d red, 2d green (5, three unused & two used) plus PTPO d+1d, 1d+1d+d, & 2d+d; Walchs Postal Cards unused (3), Registration Envelopes (2) with McCorquodale 4d (flap at left) & DLR undenominated (flap at right) unused; Wrappers with The Mercury 1d used to London, Tasmanian Mail 1d+d used to London & Newspaper Only 1d unused; condition variable, mostly fine. (17 items) $100150505PS Postal Cards: 1d cards unused (8) all with blank backs except one with Official Souvenir illustration, used (6) incl. New Ponds to Hobart tied by BN 39 with GREEN PONDS SEP26/1882 datestamp alongside, New Norfolk to Hobart with largely fine 1892 NEW NORFOLK datestamp, most if not all printed in Hobart with a variety of shade & stock types; also PTPO 1d Card uprated with d indicium unused (2, indicium in yellow-orange or deep orange) and used in 1895 from Hobart to Wurttemberg with ULM arrival datestamp, 1898 1d Card to USA uprated with d Tablet; also KEVII 1d Cards unused & used (4) incl. 1908 to Sydney with superb GROVE datestamp, others from Zeehan (2) & Campbell Town. (23) .$150200506PS Envelopes - PTPO: 1893 (Sept.13) use of 1d+1d+1d+d PTPO Stationery Envelope to Sydney,impressions tied by multiple strikes of HOBART SE13/93 duplex datestamps, unsealed flap. $120150507PS LETTER CARDS: (H&G A2) 1900 Scenic Issue complete set of 6 views on pale blue stock, few age spots & minor peripheral toning, overall fine condition. Believed that fewer than 300 sets were produced. (6) .$500750508 511508PS Frank Stamp: 1902 (Oct.25) registered use of Post and Telegraph Department envelope (136x73mm) to South Africa with fine strike of POSTMASTER LAUNCESTON/[Arms]/TASMANIA /FRANK-STAMP in blue overstruck with LAUNCESTON H code datestamp,R-in oval and manuscript registration markings, addressed to Cape Town, redirected on arrival to East London and backstamped with oval registration handstamps for both, corner fault and large tape-repaired tear. Extremely rare impression. $250350'