b'60Ex 319 320319C March 1896 usage of 1d Due on underpaid incoming US 1c Postal Card from New York with VANCOUVER transit verso; also, May 1903 usage of 2d Due on cover from Brisbane via Sydney (where a d QV has been affixed) ; various markings. (2 items). for redirection to Austria .$200250320PS POSTAL CARDS - GREAT WHITE FLEET: (H&G #35) 1d blue Fleet Card 1908 (Sep.17) postal use from Sydney to Glenelg (SA). Rarest of all the Fleet Cards. Very few used examples are recorded. $500750321322321C 1879 (Dec.23) GARDEN PALACE N.S.W. 991 postmarks tieing 6d + 3d adhesives on cover to Germany with arrival b.s.The post office at the Sydney Exhibition building was open for seven months, closing in January 1880.Only two other examples of the postmark on cover are recorded, both used as backstamps. $500750322C 1903 (JY 14) usage of 5d + 2d adhesives, both perforated JS/S on cover from Sydneyto the Jaluit Gesellschaft, Hamburg, with arrival backstamp.Justus Scharff & Co were Island Traders and competitors of Burns Philip in the South Pacific. The company is recorded as operating from Sydney from at least 1892 and it was still trading in 1915. The company grew in the early 20th Century and its increased involvement in coastal and island trading were made easier by the increased presence of German settlers and businesses in Papua, Marshall Islands, Samoa and other areas of the South Pacific. However the companys activities were not limited to trade with German interests as they traded into French Polynesia, New Caledonia as well as the Solomon Islands and others. The companys German links were to be its undoing, as when WWI broke out, matters of cargo coming from former German Colonies became a problem for importers. This came to a head in May 1915 when the Remonstrant arrived in Sydney from the Marshall Islands, with a load of copra consigned to Justus Scharff Ltd. On all reports the vessel had left the Jaluit Atoll, prior to the occupation by Great Britain and therefore was essentially a shipment from Germany, or at least German interests. .$150200'