b'41241** C POSTAGE: circa 2005 accumulation with sheetlets, se-tenant strips, large multiples, booklets,International stamps, also a few FDCs, total MUH face value $1190+. (100s) $600800Postage Dues242O 1958-60 (SG.134) No Wmk 3d Carmine & Deep Green large-part pane block of 35 (5x7) from base of the sheet with selvedge intact on 3 sides, upper-right unit variety Colour joining second dot in right side of D to frame, [Pos.26], cancelled with multiple strikes of DUBBO datestamp. BW:147&d. Attractive positional piece.$100140243O 1958-60 (SG.136) No Wmk 6d Carmine & Deep Green quarter sheet of 60 comprising two part-panes of 30, separated by central gutter and includes the C position varieties Thin right frame of octagon [C1] and White flaw in base of 6 - advanced state [C23], selvedge intact on three sides, multiple strikes of 1962 CREMORNE datestamps; BW:D152&f,g. Impressive positional piece. $260320244** * 1958-60 (SG.139) No Wmk 10d Carmine & Deep Green interpane block of 20 (10x2), eleven units MUH,BW: D155 - Cat. $310+. Fresh multiple. .$1401802451958-60 (SG.139) No Wmk 10d Carmine & Deep Green marginal block of 15 (5x3),cancelled with multiple strikes of FORBES (NSW) cds; BW: D155 - Cat. $120+. .$80120Postal StationeryEnvelopes246PS Group of (3) comprising 1918-19 1d Red Die 4 + d Green KGV Star Embossed BW: EP14 unused, 1923-30 THREE HALFPENCE on 2d Red BW: EP26 unused, also 1924-28 1d KGV Star 1d Green PTPO for MMBW used, unsealed flap; Cat $260. .$150180247PS Decimal 20c PSE Collection on approx 100 Hagners in two albums and a small binder, mostly unused including Birds set of 7 (13 sets, one set FDI cancels) plus few cancelled covers (16) incl. 1979 20c Norman Lindsay (5, different FDI cancels); Fine condition. Hagners alone worth a fair proportion of the estimate. (185) .$100200248PS 1918-19 1d (Die 5) + d KGV Star Embossed on off-white unsurfaced laid btonn paper,fine strike of TARRINGTON/17MR20 datestamp, addressed to Unley, SA; BW:EP15(1) - Cat. $100. .$80120249PS 1920-21 KGV 2d Orange Star Embossed - No Postage, fine unused. BW:EP21, Cat $400. .$200250Registration Envelopes250 251250PS 1930 use of 4d KGV Oval Embossed envelope BW: RE21 uprated with KGV 5d on 4d violet for transit to California, TOORAWEENAH datestamps (small NSW village) tying stamp & indicia, POST OFFICE/GILGANDRA (superb) and REGISTERED/SYDNEY transits on face, on reverse SEATTLE transit and BERKELEY arrival datestamp. Unusual combination franking. $240280First Day Covers & Special Cancel covers251C 1956 (Nov. 22) registered cover with complete Olympics set tied by MAIN STADIUM (PRESS) 22NOV/1956 datestamps with matching special registration label numbered 0584, very fine condition. $120150252C E.C.A.F.E. CONFERENCE: 19 March 1959 registered cover from BROADBEACH to England; adhesives tied by special cds (last day of Conference) with provisional blue R-label #225 (handstamped details) at left; Brisbane transit b/s. $75100'