b'85529526 530 531Two Japanese Samurai tsubas, bronzeA Japanese red lacquered stand,A Japanese lacquered tea caddy,with gold decoration, Edo period, Meiji period, circa 1900, early to mid 19th century,early to mid 19th century, 15cm high, 33cm wide, 23cm deep 12.5cm high, 19cm wide, 13cm deepthe larger 7cm diameter (2) $200300$150250 $150250 532527 A Japanese lacquer ware travel box,A Japanese Samurai and horse statue,Meiji period, 19th century, cast metal, 20th century, 16cm high, 30cm wide, 21cm deep124cm high, 150cm wide, 34cm deep $150250 $5,5006,500 528Japanese Samurai Bushido (stirrups),bronze and lacquer, Meiji period,25cm high, 31cm long (2)$1,5002,000 529Samurai map of Japan on five porcelaindishes, attractively framed and mounted,30 x 71cm overall$250350 527'